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  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] The introduction of HEPA
    What material is HEPA made of? There are many kinds of materials that make up HEPA, which can be divided into PP (polypropylene) high-efficiency filter paper, PET filter paper, PP and PET composite high-efficiency filter paper, and glass fiber high-efficiency filter paper. Among them, PP (polypropyl
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] The difference between rated air volume and standard air volume of high efficiency air filters
    When purchasing HEPA air filters, there are two elements to consider:the efficiency of the air filter and the resistance. An experienced air filter factory will estimate a resistance range based on air volume for your reference in order to make a preliminary selection of Hepa air filter ratings. S
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How Do HEPA Filters Work
    How Do HEPA Filters Work HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) is a kind of high efficiency filter widely used in the field of air purification. Its role is to filter small particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and viruses, etc., to provide clean, healthy indoor air. I
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Breathe Fresher Air: A Guide To The Role And Replacement of Air Purifier Filters
    Breathe fresher air: A guide to the role and replacement of air purifier filters
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How does the HEPA filter work?
    1. What is HEPA filter? HEPA(High efficiency particulate air Filter),filters that meet HEPA standards have an efficiency of 99.7% for 0.1 micron and 0.3 micron, and the characteristics of HEPA nets are that air can pass through, but fine particles cannot pass through. It can remove more than 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micron (1/200 of the diameter of a hair), and is the most effective filtration medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How do hepa filters work(2)?
    We tend to think of air pollution as an external event, but this is not always the case.Even in your home, there are things like dust mites and dust to worry about.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How to Clean the HEPA Filter
    With the development of industry and the progress of society, the air quality is getting worse. In order to improve air quality, many family choose air purifiers to protect the health of their families, but do you know how to clean the HEPA filter?
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] What happens when the Air Purifier Filter element is dirty?
    When a HEPA filter is dirty, it becomes clogged with dirt, dust, debris, and other pollutants, reducing its ability to trap particles effectively. As a result, the air filtration system's efficiency decreases, and it may not be able to capture the same amount of harmful particles as a clean filter.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Best Air Purifier for Pets, Dander and Hair
    If you have a pet, the following situations may be common for you: 1. Allergic to pets and desperately seeking relief from pet dander. 2. Have problems with pet odors and smells. 3. Pet hair shedding all over your floors and furniture.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Do Air Purifiers' Filters Really Work
    The filter of the air purifier can filter harmful substances such as dust and particles in the air, which can enhance the filtering effect. From this point of view, the air purifier filter is very useful. When indoor air through the screen, can intercept a lot of harmful substances such as hair, fine particles and so on. Most of the filters in air purifiers are composed of primary filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters.
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