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Humidifier’s Filter

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Five functions of humidifier filters cooling

    Humidifier filters are cooled by the action of water. It's under the action of water circulation. It can effectively improve the humidity of the air, instantly cool the air and make the environment fresher. The function of wet curtain is very remarkable. 1. Efficient and energy saving Negati

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] The working principles of a humidifier

    At present, the common humidifiers on the market have the following three working methods, and the purposes are same, to increase the humidity in the air.1. Thermal humidification type:The working principle of the humidifier: The working principle of this humidifier is simple. In short, it boils t

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Usage of humidifier’s filter

    With the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the requirements for air are also increasing. The use of humidifier has become a necessity for people. The use of humidifier and purifier is to improve indoor air quality, but if you don't pay attention to cleaning in use, these household appliances may become a new source of pollution in the room. But many people don't know how to use the humidifier filter element. Today we'll share the usage of the humidifier filter.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Classification of Humidifiers

    A humidifier is a household appliance that can add humidity to a room, either by humidifying a designated room or by connecting to a boiler or central air-conditioning system to humidify an entire building.According to the heat and moisture exchange theory, humidifiers are divided into the following two types in practical engineering: 1. Equal enthalpy humidifier: it USES sensible heat of water to absorb air to conduct evaporation and humidification, and its changes in enthalpy and humidity diagram are approximate equal enthalpy processes. 2, isothermal humidifier: that is, the use of heat energy to convert liquid water into steam and air mixture for humidification, the change in enthalpy, humidity chart is an approximate isothermal process. Humidifier from the scope of use can be divided into industrial humidifier, commercial humidifier and household humidifier three categories.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] The use of humidifiers

    Humidifier can create ideal indoor humidity, care for family health.Three basic environmental controls: air quality, temperature, and relative humidity.Relative humidity is the most easy to be ignored, appropriate relative humidity control is also corresponding to the energy saving and work efficiency of one of the important factors.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] The Fault Treatment Method of Humidifier

    Common fault detection of humidifier Household humidifier is mainly ultrasonic - based.Small humidifier to bring us moisture life at the same time, it is also inevitable to encounter some glitches.It is necessary to know some basic troubleshooting methods.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Humidifier Purchase Tips

    Humidifier purchase tips 1.Humidifying area The humidifier has a rated humidification capacity, which refers to the number of milliliters of water that can be atomized per hour. The humidifier or the manual also indicates its suitable humidification area.Generally speaking, 200ml/h humidifier is suitable for room size of 25-30㎡.If you see that the rated humidification of some brands is 300ml/h, the applicable range is 50m2, then you don't need to consider that product, please turn around and leave immediately.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Importance Of Changing Air Filters for Humidifier

    With time and use, the level of dust, dirt, and various contaminants build up and clog the filter, thus rendering it less efficient with reduced performance and decreased health benefits. So you'd better replace your humidifier filter often.

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Signs That Your House May Have an Air Quality Problem

    Just like the human body, if the house is in trouble, it will show a series of signs to help us diagnose when the system isn’t working properly. The main problems to diagnose the houses are:1. Inadequate air exchange (too little ventilation);2. Excess infiltration (through walls or ducts);3. Excess

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Have you often changed Humidifier Filter?

    Have you noticed that you are suffering from a sore throat or dry eyes recently? Or maybe your skin is dry and a little itchy, rashes covering many parts of your body? This is because the dry air quality in your current residence.

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