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How long should the humidifier be on?

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   Humidifier is one of the essential artifact improve the humidity of the air, especially in the dry weather, the body is easy to lose moist, respiratory tract are also prone to itch unwell, it is necessary to prepare a humidifier, How long should the humidifier be on?

   Humidifier can effectively improve the air humidity, relieve dry indoor, people are prone to loss of moisture in the dry environment, and the incidence of respiratory diseases might also increase, use of humidifier, The human body is in the most comfortable humidity environment, all kinds of germs, also not easy to spread.

  • How long should the humidifier be on

   There is no strict suitable humidifier time, the length of time can be opened according to the indoor temperature, dryness; General advice intermittent operation, if people indoors all day, suggested 2 ~ 3 hours in the morning, afternoon 2 ~ 3 hours, 2 ~ 3 hours before sleeping in the evening is the best time to use; 30% 60% is more suitable for indoor temperature, indoor humidity to maintain at 40% to 50% when the body feels more comfortable, suggested by the standard to adjust air humidity.

  • Can you leave the humidifier on overnight

As there is no strict humidifying time humidifier, and low outdoor temperature at night, in a common family, need to close the doors and Windows to keep the indoor temperature, so open humidifier is more appropriate, if the weather is too dry, also can open all night humidifier, just pay attention to the adjustment, avoid indoor humidity; Humidity higher than 65% human body mucous membrane of the respiratory system and causes discomfort.

  • Tips for using humidifiers

    1.The humidifier should be cleaned and changed every day to prevent the microorganisms in the water from being dispersed into the air, which may affect health.

    2. humidifier use, should also pay attention to the room ventilation, ventilation is one of the best way to prevent respiratory disease.

    3.It is not advisable to put the humidifier on the edge of the pillow when sleeping. It is recommended that the distance between the humidifier spray mouth and the nose should be at least 2-3 meters. It is better to put the humidifier at a distance of more than 50 centimeters from the ground.

    4.The water added by the humidifier is best distilled water or cold boiled water, after treatment, the water contains less magazine, people will not cause respiratory discomfort because of the inhalation of impurities.

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