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Can the Humidifier Use Tap Water?

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Humidifiers produce water vapor particles, many of which are close to harmful particles in volume, so the PM2.5 detector level will rise sharply.

Pure humidifier, you can't see the fog. This kind of humidifier can use tap water, because the humidifier is equipped with a filter device, which can filter out calcium and magnesium ions in tap water, without causing undue pollution.

humidifier filter

General ultrasonic humidifier without filtering function, it is not recommended to use tap water, it is better to use pure water.

It is best to use distilled or purified water for humidifiers. The incoming water is prone to sediment. If your humidifier uses tap water for a long time, it is easier to let the bottom of the humidifier have scale breeding. Over time, it will affect the use of.

humidifier filter

Tap water itself contains a large number of chlorine atoms and microorganisms, easily floating in the air with the humidifier.

Clean the humidifier regularly. Water evaporates into the air through the humidifier, but impurities in the water remain in the humidifier. Pure water doesn't have as many problems and it doesn't spoil easily.

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