Blue Sky Filter company is a professional China air filter manufacturer.
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As a professional China air filter manufacturer with ISO9001 and ISO14001, Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd. produces and supplies many China industrial filters and vacuum cleaner dust bags, including the following items:

Pre filter + HEPA filters for HVAC and any other usages, such as V-bank HEPA 
 Appliances' Filter Replacements include: air purifier filters , vacuum cleaner filters , vacuum cleaner filter bags , robot vacuum cleaner parts and humidifier's filter etc.
  Air filters and Oil Filters for motors and automobiles.
 Air Filters and filter bags for the industrial machines and equipment as the

  Advanced air filters for medical appliances.
  Raw Materials.


Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Blue Sky manufactures and sells various types of air filters and has expanded the product range to 
water filtration products, kitchen filtration products, and automotive filtration products etc. The company's products are exported to international markets 
of 48 countries.

Since its establishment, Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. has steadily grown and has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Blue Sky has been 
recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise and hold multiple patents and quality inspection reports. Blue Sky boasts a modern standardized workshop, 
advanced production equipment, well-designed production lines, strict quality control, and a management system to ensure that customers receive the 
best cooperation and service. All true high-efficiency filters are produced in a standardized dust-free workshop. We also have a comprehensive and 
advanced testing laboratory to ensure the high-quality performance of HEPA filters.

Blue Sky’s filtration products are produced with various environmentally friendly materials and advanced production facilities to meet customized 
specifications and some special requirements. Blue Sky’s filtration products strictly adhere to domestic and international standards, such as EN779 and 
EN1822 etc.
Blue Sky’s technical team excels in developing various new filtration products for many appliances and machines, residential, commercial, and industrial 

Blue Sky has a well-trained, highly qualified team of engineers and a sales team dedicated to market and customer service. We provide integrated services 
to customers worldwide, not only offering mature filtration products but also designing and developing new filtration products for our customers. We are 
confident that with our production capabilities and experience, we can help customers gain a competitive advantage.

Blue Sky‘s motto is to be a eco-friendly and sustainable company, providing customers with competitive high-quality filter products, and growing together!



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