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What are the functions and benefits of the humidifier?

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Benefits and Effects: It has been scientifically proven that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life. Medical RESEARCH MAKES CLEAR, BEDROOM HUMIDITY ACHIEVES 45~65%RH, TEMPERATURE IS IN 20~25 DEGREES WHEN, THE PERSON'S BODY, THOUGHT ALL IMPOSE GOOD CONDITION, NO MATTER WORK, REST CAN RECEIVE IDEAL RESULT.

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In general, temperature has the most direct impact on how people feel about their living environment. Similarly, humidity will also have an impact on people's lives and health. With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioning is widely used, leading to the breeding of air conditioning diseases such as tight skin, dry mouth, cough and cold. Additional, add a few drops vinegar in humidifier, can have germicidal effect. Add lavender essential oil to your humidifier at night to improve your sleep.

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In addition, do not leave the humidifier on all the time. It is recommended to use it with a hygrometer. The indoor humidity level that is beneficial to the human body should be between 20% and 50%. If the humidity exceeds 50%, it will produce some harm to the respiratory mucosa and even cause pneumonia.

Therefore, when the indoor humidity exceeds 50%, it is necessary to turn off the humidifier. Sometimes there will be a "foggy" indoor, in fact, just the house temperature is low, resulting in water vapor liquefaction, at this time open the window ventilation, the "fog" can be scattered out.

Clean the humidifier regularly according to the instructions. Cleaning the humidifier and changing the water in it can reduce the growth of bacteria. For the pure humidifier, the filter and evaporator need to be replaced periodically. The ultrasonic humidifier should pay attention to the cleaning of the water tank, cleaning at least once a week, otherwise the scale will block the humidifier, but also make the mold and other microorganisms in the humidifier with the mist into the air.

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