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  • [Refrigerator Air Filters] What does an air filter do in a refrigerator

    What does an air filter do in a refrigerator? Are refrigerator air filters necessary?

  • [Refrigerator Air Filters] Refrigerator Air Filters: What are they and when should you change them

    If your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, it’s easy to understand why it needs a water filter, but you may be surprised to discover that your refrigerator likely also has an air filter. The experts at Electrolux explain everything you need to know about refrigerator air filters, an i

  • [Refrigerator Air Filters] Do these three things to make sure you get the most food from the fridge

    Your refrigerator: you know it's the place to store fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and leftovers from Mondays.But your refrigerator is more than just a cool rectangular box.A lot is going on under the hat, so to speak - or in the crisper drawer.So we sat down with Tony Shoemaker, Kenmore Brands' chief industrial designer, to see what's going on in your refrigerator -- and how you can make the most of it.

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