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  • [HVAC Filters] What is FFU and How FFU works
    FFU (Fan Filter Unit) is a device for air filtration, usually used in clean rooms, clean rooms and other environments. It consists of fan, filter, shell and other parts, through the high efficiency filter to remove dust, bacteria and other particles in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purify
  • [HVAC Filters] How Often Should HVAC Filters Be Replaced
    Hvac filter is a kind of equipment for HVAC systems, mainly used to filter impurities and particles in the air to ensure that air quality meets certain standards. These filters effectively trap dust, pollen, bacteria and other small particles in the air and prevent them from entering the indoor air circulation system, thereby improving the cleanliness and health of the indoor air. Choosing the right HVAC filter is critical to maintaining system performance and user comfort.
  • [HVAC Filters] 7 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Home
    Many people frequently ask the questions, “How can I improve indoor air quality in my home?” In order to solve the air quality problem, professional China air filter manufacturer - Blue Sky Filter Company, has collected several methods for you.
  • [HVAC Filters] What is the Material of the Screen of the Central Air Conditioning Central Ventilation System?
    Operating environment: Maximum temperature of 60℃ for continuous useMaximum humidity at the moment of use: 100%RH(unclean dew)Application: General application in central air conditioning and central ventilation system, gas turbine and air compressor prefiltrationAir conditioning filter screen provid
  • [HVAC Filters] What is an HVAC System?
    What is HVAC?An acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, HVAC refers to systems in a home or building that produce safe, clean and comfortable air within a space.•Heating: The "H" in HVAC stands for heating, and as one might guess, this system heats the air in your home. Generally, thi
  • [HVAC Filters] High Efficiency Filter for Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    An HVAC filter is a filter used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Filters improve efficiency and longevity by protecting HVAC systems from dust and air particulates. Therefore, it is an integral part of the system, but often overlooked. In addition to protecting HVAC systems from
  • [HVAC Filters] National Standards for Air Filtration Grade Division
    National Standards for Air Filtration Grade Division United States Efficiency SpecificationSpecificationParticle Efficiency(%)Arrestance(%)TESTArrestanceThe End Resistance(Pa)Final Resist0.3~1.0μm1.0~3.0μm3.0~10.0μmMERV1E3<20Aavg<6575E1 is 0.30-0.40,0.40-0.55,
  • [HVAC Filters] HVAC filter
    Central air conditioning is a very comprehensive household air conditioning equipment. It has a good function of adjusting the indoor temperature. But for pursuit of comfort of family life, in addition to the suitable indoor temperature, indoor health is also very important. To this end, many centra
  • [HVAC Filters] Filtration principle/Medium efficiency filter
    1.Inertia and diffusionDust particles in the air is moving with the airflow in inertial or irregular Brownian motion or under the action of a certain field force. When the the particles hits other objects, the Van Der Waals forces makes the particles stick to the surface of the fiber. . The larger t
  • [HVAC Filters] Which Details of the Maintenance of HEPA Filters Should be Taken Into Account
    The maintenance of hePA filter is not so simple, mainly because there are many details relatively trivial, easy to cause the disgust of staff. Priority, maintenance of equipment requires professional maintenance personnel.
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