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Filters with High Temperature Resistance

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High temperature resistant filters are mainly used to filter tar, soot, dust and other particles generated in high temperature sterilization tunnels or high temperature drying rooms of professional factories.

Most high-efficiency high-temperature-resistant filtersuse a partition design. The corrugated partition can accurately maintain the spacing of the pleats and maximize the use of filter materials with minimal resistance. Pleats on both sides of the filter material are folded to form a wedge-shaped pleated layer. When the filter material is bent, there are two indentations to make it open into a wedge-shaped box pleated layer at the end of the partition. The wedge-shaped box fold layer can prevent damage to the filter material.

There are different kinds of high-temperature-resistant filters, here are some examples:


Panel type high temperature filter

It is made of glass fiber, laminated in a non-woven way.

The fiber has good strength and good elasticity, and the filter materials are not compressed together due to wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity.

The filter material is laid flat in the filter, and 40-120 mesh metal protective net is used on both sides, and then a large square grid is used for support.

Filter temperature resistance: 400-450℃.

Filtration level: G4, F5

Performance characteristics: Filter screen has good chemical resistance, strong heat resistance, low moisture absorption; Filter screen has high dust holding capacity, long service life, and non-combustibility.

Pleated high temperature resistant filter

The filter material is pleated by galvanized iron wire mesh or stainless steel mesh on both sides, with good strength, and the filter material is not easy to be blown.

Double-sided use galvanized grid, galvanized diamond grid, stainless steel grid to reinforce, can be used normally in the environment of large air volume.

Filter temperature resistance: 250-300℃.

Filtration level: G3

Performance characteristics: Filter area is large, long service life; Large air volume, low initial resistance, and non-combustibility.

Application areas: 1 general primary filtration, hot-air high-temperature oven air filtration; 2 paint factory high-temperature oven air filtration.

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