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High Efficiency Air Filter

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Hepa filter is mainly used to catch particles of dust and suspended matter over 0.5um.The air purifier is mainly composed of two parts: filter core and shell.The basic requirements are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and can be used continuously for a long time to reduce the cost of late consumables.

The filter element refers to the air filter. Hepa air filter plays an important role in the air purification industry.


Use made of super fine glass fiber paper, offset paper, aluminum membrane materials, such as partition board, with wooden frame aluminum alloy agglutination, the use of special silicone rubber, no smell, not surface hardening, long time also won't have crack, stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance, can absorb heat bilges cold shrink stress without cracking, moderate hardness, good elasticity.Each unit is tested by sodium flame method, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity.

Hepa air filter can be widely used in the air supply area at the end of air conditioner in the dust-free purification workshop of optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instrument, beverage, food, PCB printing and other industries.Both high efficiency and ultra high efficiency filters are used at the end of clean room, and can be divided into: high efficiency with baffle, high efficiency without baffle, high air volume, super high efficiency filters, etc.

Product Category

 It is mainly divided into: hepa filter with baffle, hepa filter without baffle, v-bed high efficiency filter, high temperature resistant hepa filter.

 Non - baffle high efficiency filter

Non - baffle filter is the use of hot melt instead of baffle filter aluminum foil filter material separation.Due to the absence of baffle, the performance of non-baffle filter with 50mm thickness can reach 150mm thick with baffle filter.At the same filtration area and filtration efficiency, the air volume of HEPA with 90mm thick outer frame can reach 1.3 times of the standard resistance type with a baffle SPAN 150mm thick and twice of the standard resistance type with a baffle SPAN 150mm thick.Can meet today's air purification of a variety of space and weight and energy consumption requirements.

 High efficiency filter with baffle

High efficiency filter with baffle is made of ultrafine fiber as filter material, high quality kraft paper hot rolling forming or using offset paper, aluminum and platinum as separator, and wood frame or aluminum alloy frame glue and become, with the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large air volume.There is a clapboard high efficiency filter more than the use of double-sided coated paper as a partition, the purpose is to prevent the partition from cold, hot, dry and wet effects of contraction, thereby sending out particles.Suitable for low level non-one-way flow projects and various purification equipment and clean plant.With baffle filter, aluminum baffle filter is mainly used in high temperature or high humidity environment, paper baffle filter used in the general clean environment.The air volume with baffle is relatively large and can be used for high temperature filtration.

V-shaped pleated filter

Used in general ventilation system, with large filtration area, low resistance, long service life and other characteristics.It can be used as a pre-filter of hepa filter, thus effectively extending the service life of hepa filter.

 High temperature high efficiency filter

The filter can be used at 250℃ with a filtration efficiency of 99.99% @0.3μm.

D.O.P./P.S.L. Testing 95%、99.99% at 0.3μm

The Structure Selection

Structure: the main use of the outer frame: aluminum alloy profile, multilayer plate frame, aluminum plate frame, galvanized steel frame, most used for aluminum alloy profile frame, the main production of the formation of the square structure.

Filter material: glass fiber, chemical fiber class gradually in use, some foreign manufacturers with static polytetrafluoroethylene fiber (electret) manufacturing hepa filter, commonly known as PTFE.


Efficient structure with and without partition and partition.Without baffle, thermal sol is mainly used as the separator of filter core, which is convenient for mechanized production.In addition, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency and even wind speed.There is a baffle efficient, more use of aluminum foil, paper made of folded as a filter core separator, the formation of air passage.Separators are made of high quality kraft paper, hot roll forming or coated paper as separators.More use of double-sided coated paper as a partition, the main purpose is to prevent partition from being affected by hot and cold dry wet shrinkage, thereby emitting particles.But, when the temperature and humidity change, this kind of clapboard paper may have larger particles sent out, resulting in clean workshop cleanliness test unqualified.(there have been several customer complaints in this regard) therefore, customers should be recommended to use non-baffle hepa filters in places with high requirements for cleanliness.The price of filter with baffle is higher than that without baffle in foreign countries, so there are fewer places with baffle in foreign countries.In addition, compared with the rectangular channel with baffle filter, the v-shaped channel without baffle filter further improves the dust inclusion uniformity and prolongs the service life.Non-baffle filter for ventilation can avoid the use of metal parts, easy to dispose of waste, in line with increasingly stringent environmental requirements.In addition to some high temperature and high safety requirements of special occasions, non - baffle filter can replace the baffle filter.

665*670*230mm Aluminium Frame Deep Pleat Box HEPA Filter

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