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Do these three things to make sure you get the most food from the fridge

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Your refrigerator: you know it's the place to store fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and leftovers from Mondays.But your refrigerator is more than just a cool rectangular box.A lot is going on under the hat, so to speak - or in the crisper drawer.So we sat down with Tony Shoemaker, Kenmore Brands' chief industrial designer, to see what's going on in your refrigerator -- and how you can make the most of it.Here are three things to keep in mind:


Take advantage of the different temperatures in the refrigerator.

Shoemaker explained: "I think most people think their refrigerator has only one temperature to keep all the food, but a lot of food needs different conditions to keep it fresh for longer."Not only does temperature extend or shorten the life of food, but humidity also plays a role.For example, take the crisper in the refrigerator. You can put vegetables and fruits there.But "fruits need to stay drier than vegetables -- thanks to their high water content and water-retaining skins," says the shoemaker. "vegetables tend to lose water."Using the temperature of the refrigerator, remove the fruit from the crisper.You can put the vegetables there, though.What about the meat and cheese you put on the shelf?It's time to move them to the bottom."Meat and cheese need to be kept colder than fruit and vegetables," says the shoemaker.In your refrigerator, cold air sinks."We lower the storage area for meat and cheese to extend the shelf life of food," he said.


Buy a refrigerator with two motors.

Your car only has one engine - so why would a much smaller car need two engines?"It's all about preserving food better," said the shoemaker.Shoemakers explain that a refrigerator with only one motor, a system called a single evaporator, pushes cold air from the inside into the refrigerator.But, "when this air is Shared between the refrigerator and the refrigerator, it becomes drier and it takes some of the moisture out of the refrigerator, which shortens the shelf life of the food."A motor can also cause certain areas of the refrigerator to become too hot or too cold.But a double evaporator -- a system with two motors -- works separately, independently of the refrigerator's cooling freezer.So if you're looking for a new refrigerator, get one with a double evaporator.It may be more expensive, but over time it will save a lot of money and waste food.


Never forget to change the filter.

Your refrigerator has two filters: a water filter and an air filter, both of which play important roles in the internal operation of the refrigerator.Water filters work like the ones you put on your faucet or in your kettle, removing contaminants from the water you drink.On the other hand, the air filter in the refrigerator can make the air in the refrigerator fresh and remove gas and other odor more effectively than opening a box of baking soda.So when your refrigerator tells you it's time to replace it, replace these old filters with new ones - especially your water filter, warns the shoemaker."If you use an old filter for too long, pollutants can build up and end up in your drinking water," he said.

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