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The difference between rated air volume and standard air volume of high efficiency air filters

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  When purchasing HEPA air filters, there are two elements to consider:the efficiency of the air filter and the resistance. An experienced air filter factory will estimate a resistance range based on air volume for your reference in order to make a preliminary selection of Hepa air filter ratings. So is the air volume mentioned here the rated air volume or the standard air volume? What is the difference between the two? What do the results measured at each airflow indicate?

  Rated air volume: refers to the volume flow of air handled by the filter per unit time as stated by the manufacturer, in m3h, specifically the air volume of the air purification system that the air filter needs to be used with, and the resistance and efficiency are tested at this air volume to characterize the performance (efficiency and resistance) of the air filter in actual use.

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  Standard air volume:For particulate matter and microorganism test, the air volume calculated by the filter material at the standard air speed of 5.33cm/s, based on the actual filter material expansion area. For gaseous pollutants test, the air volume is calculated based on the actual cross-sectional area of the filter at 1m/s wind speed, in m/h. This is generally in a test environment, such as third party testing, or filter efficiency testing of the raw material of the filter paper.

  Some air conditioning systemshave high requirements for pressure loss, and if the resistance is too high, the air output will be reduced to meet the requirements of indoor circulation purification. This requires us to consider the resistance factor in advance when designing the high-efficiency air filter, and adjust the size of the filter mesh, the pleat distance of the filter paper, the grade and other parameters according to our experience design, so as to meet the filtration efficiency of customers while trying to control the resistance within the required range. Compared with the blind direct production, test, and then adjust the cycle of operation, will take a lot less "detours". If you have any questions about the design of high efficiency air filters, you can communicate directly with Bluesky Air Filter Custom Factory online engineers.

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