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Active Carbon Air Filter

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  • [Company News] Congratulations to Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd. for Winning The National High-tech Enterprise Certification

    Congratulations to Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd. for Winning The National High-tech Enterprise Certification

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How Long Can Air Purifier Filters Last?

    When you look for air purifiers or just want to know more about them, you may want to know: "how long can air purifier filters last?" Since almost all air purifiers require air filters to remove pollutants from the air, so the service life of air filters is crucial.

  • [HVAC Filters] The Different Types of Air Filters

    Air filters can remove dust and dirt particles and other harmful pollutants from the air efficiently. Many industries use air filters to purify the air to protect the health and safety. However, due to the different application requirements, there are several available types of air filters, the comm

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] AIR PURIFIERS FAQ

    With the development of industry, in order to purify the air quality, air filters are very popular. You will have a lot of questions in the process of purchasing and using air purifiers. This article will answer the common questions for you.

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] What Can Air Purifiers Do?

    If you have allergies, asthma or any other condition made worse by air particles, indoor air purifiers may provide some or considerable relief. Some portable air purifiers use mechanical filters to remove air while others use charge.

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] When should household air filters be cleaned?

    To better use the air filter, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the air filter.Proper cleaning can make household air filters work better.Firstly, we need to know the correct cleaning method, and secondly, we need to know when to clean, so as to avoid missing the reasonable cleaning time, which will affect the filtration efficiency and quality of air filters

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