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When should household air filters be cleaned?

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To better use the air filter, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the air filter.Proper cleaning can make household air filters work better.Firstly, we need to know the correct cleaning method, and secondly, we need to know when to clean, so as to avoid missing the reasonable cleaning time, which will affect the filtration efficiency and quality of air filters.


Why to clean air filter regularly?


Why clean the empty filter regularly?It is important to know that if the empty filter is not cleaned for a long time, the filter net in the empty filter may be attached by some dirt, affecting the filtration efficiency.This will result in unsatisfactory filtering effect even though the set filtering intensity is very large.If the filter works like this for a long time, the service life of the device will be seriously affected, and we have no way to get the filter effect we want.


In fact, if the empty filter is not cleaned for a long time, the reduced filtering effect is only a part of it.Some dirt attached to the filter net may also be incorporated into the filter process, resulting in the air quality after the filter is not so good, that is, the equipment has been filtered, but there are still many substances in the air at home that threaten the health of the body.So be sure to clean the air filter at a reasonable time.


How to determine the cleaning time of air filter?


How can you determine the cleaning time of an air filter?First of all, we just bought back the empty filter, we have to observe the efficiency and effectiveness of the filter is up to standard.Then you can understand the cleaning cycle of the air filter according to the instructions, and clean the air filter within a reasonable cleaning cycle.For example, every two or three days to clean the external dust;Clean the filter every two weeks or every month.The cleaning frequency of the filter can be checked with the manufacturer when purchasing the air filter.Of course, we also found that many people do not use air filters all year round.Before you need to use an empty filter, you need to clean the empty filter that has been there for a long time.


Air filter cleaning, as long as a reasonable frequency, and use the appropriate way, can stabilize the air filter efficiency and filtering effect.

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