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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

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If you have allergies, asthma or any other condition made worse by air particles, indoor air purifiers may provide some or considerable relief. Smokers or pet owners also like them to reduce odors and remove smoke and pet dander. Some portable air purifiers use mechanical filters to remove air while others use charge. 

Can air purifiers help you breathe easier?

Air purifiers do their work using different technologies, and some use multiple technologies, to deal with airborne pollutants. HEPA air purifiers use pleated high-efficiency particulate arresting HEPA filters  to mechanically trap particles, along with a fan to pull air through the HEPA air filter. Some people say this type of air purifier is by far the most effective. These models don't produce any ozone, either. Because they use fans, they may be noisy, but some are actually like the sounds produced by air purifiers, likening it to a white noise machine. Not every air purifier that relies on mechanical filtration uses true HEPA filters, so be sure that you are getting that technology if that's what you decide you want.

For its part, Consumer notes in its review that "Some portable models with carbon pre-filters are claimed to filter VOCs, but the Environmental Protection Agency warns that such air purifier filters are specific to certain gaseous pollutants, not for others, and that no air purifier is expected to remove all gaseous pollutants found in the typical home." Furthermore, Mary H.J. Farrell says that "unless you have allergies, you probably don't need an air purifier." 

We also need to consider factors such as performance, including long-term performance, ease of use and noise. Finally, we analyze the full cost of the unit, which includes both the initial cost and the ongoing costs of filter replacement. The results of that research helps us to narrow down our recommendations for the top air purifiers for any space or budget. 

In reviewing air purifiers, people discovered that the most satisfied customers are those who understand the limitations of an air purifier and adjust their expectations accordingly. Portable air cleaners can remove only airborne pollutants, they are not very effective against dust mites and their droppings, which are a significant allergen for many people. Most air cleaners also don't remove most viruses, or gases like carbon monoxide and radon. That's because even air purifiers with true HEPA filters are most effective on particles larger than 0.3 microns, such as molds, pollen, dust, plant spores, pet dander and the larger particles in cigarette smoke.

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