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The Different Types of Air Filters

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Air filters can remove dust and dirt particles and other harmful pollutants from the air efficiently. Many industries use air filters to purify the air to protect the health and safety.


However, due to the different application requirements, there are several available types of air filters, the common air filters are HEPA filters, Lonic air filters, Carbon air filters and UV light air filters. From the point of view of material, there are Fiberglass filters, Polyester or Pleated filters.


Keep reading to learn more about these different types.


HEPA filters

These HEPA filters are able to filter the air passing through them at a very fine scale. When combined with the right air filtration device, these air filters are so efficient that they are trusted in most commercial settings—even some hospitals. HEPA air filters can remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles, making them extremely effective air sanitizers. The filters are primarily comprised of fiberglass fiber mats, which trap particles as an air stream flows through. how effective a HEPA filter is largely depends on the diameter of the fiber and the filter’s thickness.


Ionic air filters

Ionic air filter is also called air ionizers, ionic air filters rely on voltage to charge air molecules. It produce negatively charged ions as a means to attract particles that are present in the air. As these two entities come into contact, they are deionized and filtered out of the air. these filters, which are also called air ionizers, are common in commercial sectors.


Carbon air filters

Carbon air filters make use of activated carbon to neutralize and/or absorb elements such as chemicals and gases. The air filter serves to neutralize the chemicals and gases as they travel through the air filter – but carbon can also be enhanced in such a way that it actually absorbs these chemical compounds as well. carbon air filters are ideal at removing cigarette smoke, and are suited to industries where chemicals are a concern. or seriously odiferous fumes, activated carbon can be impregnated or enhanced so as to absorb the given gas. activated carbon filtersare well-suited to environments where chemicals must be removed from the air.


UV light air filters

Ultraviolet light (UV) air filters use a reaction that occurs when titanium dioxide is exposed to uv light. Harmful particles such as mold and bacteria are neutralized through the process of titanium dioxide being exposed to uv light. High intensity uv (240-280 nm) is strong enough to break down most carbon based organic compounds, making uv light air filters a good companion to hep filters in medical applications. High intensity uv is capable of destroying the majority of carbon-based compounds, which means that these filters are commonly used in medical facilities alongside hepa filters.


Fiberglass air filters

This is a throwaway air filter, and the kind of air filter most commonly used in homes today. It consists of layered fiberglass fibers laid over each other to form the filter media, generally reinforced with a metal grating.


Polyester or Pleated air filters

These types of air filters are somewhat like fiberglass filters, however they usually have a higher resistance to airflow, plus a better dust-stopping ability.


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