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  • [Company News] Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd.
    Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. established in 2009, is located in Li shui District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Main products include air purifier filters, vacuum cleaner filters and accessories, humidifier filters and other filtering products. Our company has standardized dust-free workshop, six generations of intelligent origami machine, intelligent glue machine, automatic assembly line and other professional production equipment, provide various customized processing services.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Best Air Purifier for Pets, Dander and Hair
    If you have a pet, the following situations may be common for you: 1. Allergic to pets and desperately seeking relief from pet dander. 2. Have problems with pet odors and smells. 3. Pet hair shedding all over your floors and furniture.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Do Air Purifiers' Filters Really Work
    The filter of the air purifier can filter harmful substances such as dust and particles in the air, which can enhance the filtering effect. From this point of view, the air purifier filter is very useful. When indoor air through the screen, can intercept a lot of harmful substances such as hair, fine particles and so on. Most of the filters in air purifiers are composed of primary filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters.
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] What is the role of air purifier
    The function of air purifier is to remove particulate matter in the air, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc. At the same time, it can also solve the indoor, underground space and car volatile organic matter air pollution caused by decoration or other reasons. Since the release of air pollutants
  • [Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories] How often do the Parts of the Sweeping Robot Change
    The replacement frequency of the parts of the sweeping robot mainly depends on the frequency of use. If the frequency of use is not very frequent, then it is better to change it once in about 6 months to 12 months. If it is used frequently, it should be used more than twice every day, then under nor
  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Filter Element Daily Maintenance
    Vacuum cleaner filter element long-term use, do not clean will cause the filter function decline, but also produce taste, so to clean regularly.The official prompt is to replace it every three months. Those who have pets at home should appropriately shorten the replacement cycle, avoid bacterial bre
  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Can the Humidifier Use Tap Water?
    Humidifiers produce water vapor particles, many of which are close to harmful particles in volume, so the PM2.5 detector level will rise sharply.Pure humidifier, you can't see the fog. This kind of humidifier can use tap water, because the humidifier is equipped with a filter device, which can filte
  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] How to Clean the Filter Element of Vacuum Cleaner
    First, we can directly use a clean brush to clean up the dust with a brush, which is suitable for daily cleaning and can not be cleaned with water filter element. The second is to wash the vacuum cleaner filter element, the general vacuum cleaner filter element can be directly washed, but it
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Can Air Purifier Filter Element be Cleaned?
    1. Primary filter screenThis is also the first layer of filter screen in the air purifier purification system, mainly intercepting dust, hair, dander large particles of pollutants. Air purifier is the most easily dirty layer of filter screen. On the material, the primary effect filter screen is most
  • [Automobile Filters] How Often Should the Air Filter be Replaced?
    The engine has air, oil, fuel three filters, air conditioning filters are generally called "four filters" in the car. They are respectively responsible for the engine intake system, lubrication system, combustion system cooling system medium filtration.A. The oil filter is located in the engine lubr
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