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  • [Company News] IFA Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair
    IFA (Berlin Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the most important consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, held every year in Berlin, Germany. The IFA exhibition is usually held in early September every year and lasts for several days. As a grand event for the global consumer electronics and home appliance industry, the IFA exhibition attracts manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, media and consumers from all over the world.
  • [Company News] Participation in the East China Fair: Opportunities and challenges for Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd.
    Participation in the East China Fair: Opportunities and challenges for Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. With the continuous development of global trade, China is playing an increasingly important role in international trade. As one of the world's largest trading nations, various import and expor
  • [Company News] The 135th Canton Fair
    The Canton Fair is an international trade platform where exhibitors have the opportunity to contact potential customers and partners from all over the world. Participants may gain insights into different markets and discover new business opportunities.
  • [Cooker Hood Filters] Range Hood Filter Plays An Important Role in The Kitchen
    Range hood, as a crucial electrical appliance in the kitchen, relies on its filter to maintain normal operation. However, over time, the filter easily accumulates grease and dirt, which can negatively impact performance and lifespan. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of the filter are esse
  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Breathe Fresher Air: A Guide To The Role And Replacement of Air Purifier Filters
    Breathe fresher air: A guide to the role and replacement of air purifier filters
  • [Automobile Filters] What Is The Function of Automobile Oil Filter
    What is the function of the oil filter and fuel filterThe main function of oil filter and fuel filter is:Filtering the impurities in the gasoline, so that the gasoline inside the engine burns clean, burns more fully. Reducing the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder, then the power input get
  • [HVAC Filters] Characteristics and Application Scenarios of Customizable Ventilation Filters
    Features of ventilation filtersCustomizable ventilation filters come with many features, depending on the user's specific needs and application. Here are some common features:Customizable Sizes and Shapes: Customizable ventilation filters can be customized in size and shape based on specific space c
  • [Humidifier’s Filter] How Often Should I Change The Cotton in My Humidifier?
    The frequency of replacement of cotton (also called cotton swabs, filter cotton, or absorbent cotton) in a humidifier will vary depending on the type of humidifier, frequency of use, water quality in the region, and other factors. Here are some general suggestions:
  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] Dyson Vacuum Cleaner V8 or V10 Which is Better?
    I have collected a lot of information about Dyson vacuum cleaners and have been observing these dynamics. After a lot of data and feedback, I have come to some conclusions and some misunderstandings in everyone’s perception: 1. The performance of the higher version is not always better than the lower version, from V6 to V11, not all V11 performance is better than V6, for example, in terms of portability, V6 is much lighter than V11, which makes the hand vacuum cleaner much better to hold.
  • [Water Filter] How To Choose Liquid Filter Bags
    Liquid filter bag is a kind of equipment for filtering, separating or capturing solid particles or liquids, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries. How to choose the right liquid filter bag? The following are some suggestions and precau
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