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  • [Automobile Filters] What are the types of engine filters?

    The engine has air, oil, fuel three filters, air conditioning filters are generally called "four filters" in the car. They are respectively responsible for the engine intake system, lubrication system, combustion system cooling system medium filtration.A. The oil filter is located in the engine lubr

  • [Automobile Filters] The role of automobile air conditioning filter element

    When the car is running with the air conditioner on, it is necessary to inhale the outside air into the carriage, but the air contains many different particles, such as dust, pollen, soot, abrasive particles, ozone, odor, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, benzene and so on.If there is

  • [Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories] Various filter element material characteristics and selection

    Material selection, generally according to the use of the filter element environment to determine. Such as the need for high pressure, acid and alkali resistance.In terms of process, at present, according to their own products finalize and combine with their own equipment, which is not good to say.

  • [Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories] The structure composition of the sweeping robot

    Cleaning systemsThe cleaning system is divided into the following types:1. Single suctionThe single suction cleaning method is useful for the ground ash, but it is not ideal for the dust accumulated under the table and electrostatic adsorption (the design is relatively simple with only one suction).

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] How to buy an air purifier?

    In recent years, the survival of our environment is the serious pollution, most of our life time is spent in indoor, the problem such as formaldehyde, toxic particles by the attention of many people, so more and more people are concerned about air quality, care about our indoor environment to su

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] What are the functions and benefits of the humidifier?

    Benefits and Effects: It has been scientifically proven that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life. Medical RESEARCH MAKES CLEAR, BEDROOM HUMIDITY ACHIEVES 45~65%RH, TEMPERATURE IS IN 20~25 DEGREES WHEN, THE PERSON'S BODY, THOUGHT ALL IMPOSE GOOD CONDITION, NO MATTER WORK, R

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] How long should the humidifier be on?

    Humidifier is one of the essential artifact improve the humidity of the air, especially in the dry weather, the body is easy to lose moist, respiratory tract are also prone to itch unwell, it is necessary to prepare a humidifier, How long should the humidifier be on?Benefits of a humidifier Hum

  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] For easier chores, choose a vacuum cleaner or a robot sweeper?

    Vacuum cleaner is also called the vacuum cleaner, it is the use of motor driven blades rapid rotation, the production of negative pressure air cleaning equipment. Is mainly used to absorb the dust it was born, to avoid the spread of dust caused by people's respiratory system, damage. As technology

  • [Humidifier’s Filter] Do you need to replace the humidifier cotton rod?

    As we all know, humidifier is a popular household appliance. It is very simple to use. When you use it, you only need to add water and plug it in. There will be cotton rods in the humidifier. Should the humidifier cotton rods be replaced? Let's take a look at it!Do you need to replace the humidi

  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] Extend the life of your vacuum cleaner

    The emergence of vacuum cleaner makes people's life more convenient, become the standard configuration of many families, and a vacuum cleaner to what extent can meet the daily needs of people? It can enter the corner of the door, remove dust, absorb hair, and solve dust mites... These functions ca

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