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The vacuum cleaner bag is the main part of the vacuum cleaner, and in some cases it is the only part.When you operate a vacuum cleaner, it filters out debris and dust from the air.If you have an old or cheap vacuum cleaner, the quality of your vacuum bag can make a big difference in reducing vacuum cleaner emissions.Bagless vacuum cleaners are popular, but they are not necessarily a better choice than models that use vacuum bags to collect dust and debris.


Vacuum filter bag technology has been improved.Most major vacuum cleaner brands make some kind of disposable synthetic cloth vacuum filter bag.The materials in these bags help keep more allergens and dust inside the vacuum bag.Vacuum cleaner bags made of synthetic fibers are also less likely to break or tear.This is also important for filtration ability, as a broken bag can make a mess of a jar and many vertical vacuum cleaners.


If you buy a better vacuum cleaner like Sebo or Miele, you buy a multilayer filter.There will be an internal filter and exhaust filter, either providing hepa filters or hospital level filters.Even in the best vacuum cleaners, the vacuum filter bag is still the primary filter because it minimizes the amount of dust and debris entering the vacuum cleaner and helps maximize the efficiency of other filters.


High quality vacuum bags are available for vacuum cleaners from Miele, simple, Riccar, Windsor and Sebo.For those unfamiliar with these brands, they are the top five vacuum brands on the market today.The fact that these vacuum cleaner brands, Kirby and even Kenmore, are offering higher-quality vacuum cleaner bags for most product lines should tell you something about the importance of filter bags.


Do yourself a favor and spend a little more money on some good vacuum cleaner bags.Don't overstuff them or try to reuse them.You'll even notice how clean the vacuum cleaner is every time you turn it on to change your bag.


Some vacuum cleaners, like Kirby, Oreck, and Sanitaire have vacuum cleaners where the vacuum bag cracks in the vacuum bag area and doesn't harm the vacuum cleaner.It'll mess you up, but it won't actually hurt the vacuum cleaner.I still use high quality vacuum bags for these machines.


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Karcher A2000 Vacuum Cleaner Dust Filter Paper Bag

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