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How to change the bag on the vacuum cleaner? (1)

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If your vacuum cleaner isn't picking things up as efficiently as it used to, it may be time to replace it with a vacuum bag.Some vacuums come with disposable plastic bags that can be removed and thrown away, while others come with reusable bags that can be emptied and replaced.Handheld vacuum cleaners also have bags that must be removed, replaced, or cleaned, so knowing how to replace bags is critical to operating the vacuum correctly and efficiently.


Change to single-use plastic bags


1. Take out a piece of paper or newspaper.Keep some newspapers or an old sheet to help collect dust that might spill out of your bag during cleaning.This is a useful step for old vacuum cleaners, as well as vacuum bags that are very full.


You can also keep trash cans nearby to avoid dragging dirt or other debris through the house.


2. Open the vacuum chamber.Either zip the vacuum bag or open the bag and open the plastic lid.Most upright vacuums have a zipper, while most hose-connected vacuums use a plastic socket to hold the bag.


3. Check the bag for bloating.To determine how full (and messy) your work is, check to see if your bag is bulging.If you don't have a bulge in your bag at all, a full vacuum may not be the cause of your vacuum problems.If there is a slight bulge at the bottom of the bag, or if the bag is almost full, it is time to replace the bag.


If your bag is very full, you may need to manually remove dirt and debris from the chamber connected to your bag.


4. Gently remove the bag from the box.The way you do this will depend on the type and manufacture of your vacuum.Most have a cardboard overlay attached to a small, circular opening.You may need to remove a clip to remove the bag, or you may simply unscrew the bag.View the literature for your particular brand for further guidance.

While newer models typically have a seal that clicks into place automatically once the bag is removed, older models typically don't.To reduce dust leakage, you can place duct tape or other adhesive over the opening of the bag.


5.Put the old bags in the garbage.Disposable plastic bags should not be emptied and reused because they are disposable and may not be sustainable after repeated use.Once you take out the old bag, put it in the garbage.


While it's tempting to stretch each bag out, emptying and reusing disposable bags can degrade the bag's performance.


6. Put a new bag in the right slot.Put a new bag in exactly the same place and replace any clips or switches you use to remove the bag.Some vacuum cleaners have a device to hold the bag in place, while others rely on gravity to keep the bag from moving around.


7. Re-close or replace the vacuum cover.Close the outer casing of the vacuum cleaner and you can clean it again.If the vacuum cleaner makes a strange noise after changing the bag, or doesn't suck as it should, reopen the case and make sure you've replaced the bag properly.

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