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How Does a Vacuum Bag Works?

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White Non-Woven Dust Bag for Karcher A2000 A2004 A2014 Vacuum Cleaners

When dusty air enters the vent, it passes first through the bag of the vacuum cleaner.The bags are made of a porous woven material (usually paper or cloth) that ACTS as an air filter.The holes in the bag are large enough for air particles to pass through, but too small for most dust particles.So when air flows into the bag, all the air flows through the material, but dust and debris collect in the bag.


You can place the bag anywhere between the intake and exhaust as long as there is air passing through.In an upright vacuum, the bag is usually the last stop on the road.The filtered air will immediately return to the outside.In a canning vacuum, the bag can be placed in front of the fan so that the air is filtered as soon as it enters the vacuum.


4 things a vacuum bag must do

1. It won't burst

2. Filter the air filled with dust and debris

3. Dust slowly

4. The price is reasonable


Blasting - the benefits of not blasting the bag are self-evident.The two main causes of bag rupture are material and/or poor construction.


Bad material; When the bag is full of debris, the weight or force of the debris on the bag wall will be too large, causing the bag to break. Sometimes the air enters the bag with enough force to break it.Especially when the quality of the media used is poor.Bad construction;A common problem with poorly constructed bags is that the glue does not adhere to the bag when stitched together or does not allow enough time to air dry.The same goes for cardboard collars.If not properly fitted, the collar can detach from the bag and cause a leak.


Filter - when the vacuum cleaner is running;Dust, allergens, dust mite droppings, etc. are sucked up from the floor and deposited in bags.The air that flows with it is recycled back into the room.One of the main functions of the bag is to effectively filter the air from garbage.In many cases, this is the main difference between a low quality package and a high quality package.A better bag will filter out more waste, rather than recycling it into the room.For health reasons, a vacuum bag that effectively filters particles 0.3 to 1.5 microns in size is recommended.

Dust - when the vacuum bag is full of debris, the holes in the bag for operation and filtration become clogged.As more pores become blocked, the air flowing through the bag is limited.This may cause back pressure and cause the vacuum to lose its suction.The bag with better quality is slower to load dust and can keep longer suction.


Reasonable pricing - after all, it ends up in the trash!


The importance of good filtering

But not all the debris collected by the vacuum is left in the bag...In fact, many tiny particles can escape back into the air we breathe.The most harmful particles are between 0.3 and 1 micron in size, so it is important to look at filtration efficiency in the 0.3 to 1 micron range when selecting vacuum bags and filters.

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