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What's The Frequency of Replacing Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags

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The frequency of replacement of vacuum cleaner filter elements depends on a number of factors, including frequency of use, filter type, brand and model, and use environment. Here are some common replacement suggestions:

*Under normal circumstances, the replacement frequency of the filter element is about 3 to 6 months. If the frequency of use is high or the type of filter is special, it may need to be replaced more frequently, such as every 3 months.

*For households with pets, it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle appropriately due to the possible presence of more dust and bacteria.

The filter is also very important in the daily maintenance and cleaning, every few days to carry out a daily cleaning of the filter, the storage box behind the vacuum cleaner should also be cleaned regularly. The filter of the vacuum cleaner can be removed and cleaned with water, but the filter of the vacuum cleaner needs to dry naturally before it can be used again.

It is necessary to remind everyone that when cleaning the vacuum cleaner filter, you must not use the washing machine to wash, be sure to rub by hand, and you can not use other methods to dry, such as ironing dry or blow drying, baking dry, etc., must be naturally dried, after ensuring that the natural drying can be installed in the original place to start the vacuum cleaner, to avoid motor failure.

In addition, it is also important to check the degree of pollution of the filter element, if the pollution is serious, it should be replaced immediately, if the pollution is not serious, the replacement cycle can be extended to half a year. When replacing the filter element, ensure that the filter element matching the model of the vacuum cleaner is used, and pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance to extend the service life of the filter element.

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