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What is the purpose of the dust bag in a vacuum cleaner?

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  We use vacuum cleaner with dust bags in everyday life. Like if your machine is a bag machine, you will always use garbage bags when you use it.  Because high performance bag vacuums are designed to be super efficient, they make vacuuming easier for you and more environmentally friendly.  Many bagless vacuum cleaners use cyclone boxes, but these require extra power to work.  That means vacuum cleaner consume more battery power if they are wireless.  

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  Bagged vacuum keeps dust and dirt in its bag rather than in a dustbin - this helps it keep suction ahead of cyclone vacuum for a while and provides optimum cleaning performance.  If maintained at high suction, it takes less time to clean than a low-suction vacuum cleaner and therefore consumes less power.  Overall, this means that bagged vacuums are more energy efficient.  This also gives it a longer life and makes it more environmentally friendly.

  There are many benefits to installing a vacuum cleaner bag.  Some vacuum cleaners have filters that need to be cleaned once a month or replaced over long periods of time when they wear out.  With a bag vacuum, you just take it out when the bag is full and put it back in a clean bag.  Each bag essentially acts like a filter that absorbs dirt and dust, so every time you use a new bag, you're getting a new clean.  Again, bagged vacuums offer a very low maintenance cleaning, so they're easier to take care of for the long term.  Over the years, technology has developed to help keep dust, debris and possible allergens safely in the bag, helping prevent those potential allergens from returning to the air and potentially affecting your health.  Plus, you won't have to clean or change filters as often.  

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