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How to Clean a Vacuum Collector Bag Correctly

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We are in daily use household cleaner, believe major user is not every time use cleaner to clear collect dust bag immediately, actually we should realize adequately, often clean cleaner collect dust bag to be able to maintain the vacuuming effect of cleaner not only, also can prolong the service life of cleaner at the same time.So how do you clean a vacuum collector's bag?The cleaner that says below collects dust bag cleans a method and note.

The correct way to clean the dust collection bag

  1. Clean the dust collection bag in time when the dust collection bag is full or has been used for a long time;

  2.  Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is disconnected;

  3. Fully open the dust collection bin and gently pull out the dust collection bag;

  4. Pour the dust down the opening of the dust collection bag, and use clips to remove the garbage in case of larger wool ball or debris;

  5. It is better to confirm that the dust collection bag has been cleaned and installed back to the original place;

  6. After the dust collecting bin is covered, all cleaning steps are completed.

Points for attention when cleaning dust collection bag of vacuum cleaner:

  1. After use, remove dirt in the dust collection bag in a timely manner, remove hair and thread debris on the brush, wipe with a wet cloth containing neutral cleaner or water, and then dry naturally in the sun.

  2. Long-term use will cause the blockage of the mesh of the filter and lead to the decrease of suction.Should clean filter net and cloth bag with water regularly so, put in cool place air is dry again applicable, can restore suction.

  3.  It should be noted that continuous use should not be too long, and it should be controlled within 2 hours as far as possible.Lest cause motor overheating, affect the service life of dust collection bag vacuum cleaner.

  4. When taking out the dust collection bag of the vacuum cleaner, the action must be gentle and do not use brute force to avoid the damage of the dust collection bag;

  5. Don't overstretch and bend the hose of the vacuum cleaner to fold it frequently.If the sealant in the dust bag cleaner has aged and lost its elasticity, it should be replaced in time.

  6. The dust collection bag should be installed in place when it is installed. If the dust collection bag is not completely installed in place, it will probably fail.

How to clean the filter

Clean the air inlet filter: open the front cover, take out the air inlet filter, wash with water and dry.

  • Rinse the filter with tap water first.

  • Dry or air dry the filter, pay attention to do not bake, so as not to cause deformation of the filter

Attention :Filter mesh should not be washed by washing machine or dried by hair dryer.

The above is the correct method that cleanses dust-bag of cleaner of household use cleaner, also be the main part of daily maintenance at the same time, have done daily maintenance only ability lets cleaner use longer.

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