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These are related to the Pre Filter news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Pre Filter, to help you better understand and expand Pre Filter market. Because the market for Pre Filter is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • [Vacuum Cleaner Filters] Dyson vacuum cleaner filters need to be replaced?

    Just like many people buy a car instructions, Dyson cleaning I spent nearly four years, until this morning cleaning, found find the cause, turned out to be filter blockage, pre filter and rear filter also pointed out that is equal to buy back four years of maintenance. To ensure that the Dyson v

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Pre filter sponge and carbon sponge

    The primary filter is a product installed at the front end of the high-efficiency filter to protect the high-efficiency filter, block some large particles, and prevent the high-efficiency filter from prematurely saturated.It has various forms and can be made into the individual filter.It also can be

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Can the Air Purifier Remove Formaldehyde?

    In recent years, more and more people are aware of the harmfulness of air pollution, and have begun to use air purifiers to improve air quality and ensure a healthy environment. At the same time, air purifiers are also used to remove formaldehyde with a long incubation period in the home environment. Judging by the reaction, some say air purifiers can remove formaldehyde, others say they can't.Whether or not air purifiers can remove formaldehyde?

  • [Air Purifier’s Filters] Guide to The Purchase of Air Purifiers

    To improve indoor air quality, you have to find ways to minimize the source of pollutants. The home air purifier can remove dust, smoke, etc., and the air purifier filter is its core accessories, air filter can can handle debris in the air.

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