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Dyson vacuum cleaner filters need to be replaced?

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  Just like many people buy a car instructions, Dyson cleaning I spent nearly four years, until this morning cleaning, found find the cause, turned out to be filter blockage, pre filter and rear filter also pointed out that is equal to buy back four years of maintenance.

  To ensure that the Dyson vacuum cleanerremains in top condition, we recommend cleaning your screen regularly. Now many families will carry out daily cleaning, if the room is more, then the dependence on manpower is not small.  In this case, a machine that can clean itself is needed.  At this time, a kind of automatic cleaning robot appeared -- household vacuum cleaner.  It works by using water in the air to trap dirt and bacteria.  If you are using a household vacuum cleaner, it is much easier. The simple steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the vacuum cleaner filter screen from the body;  

  2. open the tap, wipe with cold water several times, rinse (do not always use detergent).  

  3. Gently wring out the water and let dry at room temperature for at least 24 hours.  

  4. Before putting the filter into the body, make sure that the vacuum cleaner filter is completely dry and pay attention to the front and back of the filter.  

Dyson Filter

  Different types of Dyson vacuum cleaners have different filters (except for the DC52 cylinder vacuum, which does not require a filter) but are easily removed.  

  You don't need to replace the filter, just clean it regularly, which is more economical and environmentally friendly. Also, do not inhale any liquid into the vacuum cleaner or flush the cyclone parts with water. If you want to clean the dust collector and filter, be sure to dry thoroughly before use.

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