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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner V8 or V10 Which is Better?

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I have collected a lot of information about Dyson vacuum cleaners and have been observing these dynamics. After a lot of data and feedback, I have come to some conclusions and some misunderstandings in everyone’s perception:

1.   The performance of the higher version is not always better than the lower version, from V6 to V11, not all V11 performance is better than V6, for example, in terms of portability, V6 is much lighter than V11, which makes the hand vacuum cleaner much better to hold.

 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Filters

2.    The suction power can’t just look at the maximum power. All advertising now highlights the air watts of the vacuum cleaner. It does represent the suction power of the vacuum cleaner to a certain extent, but all vacuum cleaners have a normal low-speed gear and a powerful gear, and only the motor reaches the highest. At the speed, it is the powerful gear, and the battery life is very short under this shape, so many times, we use the low gear, but do you know how much W is the air watt output of the low gear, it is actually about 10-30AW The power is enough to deal with the dust on the ground.

3.    The maximum air watt is not an accurate representation of the suction size, its structure, the type of suction fittings are very relevant, different structure design, the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is different.

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To give another example, the top 4 vacuum cleaners and the 2 on the right are wired vacuum cleaners. They can achieve 3 watts at low speed, while Dyson is a wireless vacuum cleaner. Their low speed power is more than 10W, but in actual use, you will find , The suction power of the wired vacuum cleaner is obviously better, this is because the wireless vacuum cleaner is limited by its compact structure, the utilization rate of wind efficiency is not high, and the resistance is greater.

4.    The dust box is not as big as possible. The dust box of V8 is obviously smaller than that of V10 and V11, but it takes me at least 20 days to clean it. There will not be so much dust in the house, and the big dust box will make Hand-held devices are more bloated.

How to choose between V8 and V10, my suggestion is V8, let's look at the basic comparison: in appearance, obviously V10 dust box is bigger, but in appearance level I prefer V8, more compact.

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Size is almost the same, the V10 is slightly heavier, motor speed, V10 uses a new generation of motors, driving voltage is higher, higher speed, and one more gear control, endurance, in low gear, V10 is also better.

Purple Filter for Dyson V7 V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

One thing to note here is that many advertisements will not indicate that this battery life is based on what circumstances, because Dyson has various suction tips, and two of them are electric, the main ground brush and the mite removal brush Head, these two types are electric brush heads, their power consumption is also obtained from the host, while other ordinary suction heads do not have electric parts, no power consumption. So this battery life can be used as a reference, V10 is better than V8.

The full charge time of V8 is the longest in the whole series, up to 5 hours, while that of V10 is 3.5 hours, but this is just a data indicator. For me, I always plug it into the charging base when I am not using it, and use it for 10-20 minutes every day without any problem.So I don't see battery life and charging time as a disadvantage.

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Vacuum cleaners can not only consider its suction, its filtration performance, secondary emission of particulate matter, V8 is the best series:

Washable Pre Motor Filter for Dyson V6 V7 V8 DC59 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

This is precisely because of the V10 technology improvements, in order to improve wind efficiency, the elimination of the front filter:

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Post Motor Filters

The V10 on the right of the picture above uses a new linear air duct mechanism. It cancels the pre-filter, which is the vertical purple of the V8 on the left of the picture above, so the filtering performance of the V8 is actually better, and the dust particles flying out are more less.

The advantage of this structure is that the suction efficiency of the V10 is better, because the front resistance is lower, but after a period of time,When you disassemble it, you will find that it is easier to accumulate dust on the motor:

The V8 is also better than the V10 in other ways.In terms of the cleaning ability of blankets, V8 performs better in the series in the same low-speed normal mode, with a cleanliness of 98.6% :

HEPA Filters for Dyson V11 SV14 Vacuum Cleaner

To sum up, at ordinary suction, the V8 is not worse than the V10 at all, the appearance is more compact, in the secondary air pollution and carpet cleaning ability even better than the V10 performance;The V10, on the other hand, has longer battery life, more high-end suction and more efficient air flow.

Which one to choose?

I suggest choosing V8 directly below 100 square meters is sufficient, and the price is more affordable: For houses with a larger area and larger load, you can consider V10. Its most practical improvement is battery life.

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