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Pre filter sponge and carbon sponge

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The primary filter is a product installed at the front end of the high-efficiency filter to protect the high-efficiency filter, block some large particles, and prevent the high-efficiency filter from prematurely saturated.It has various forms and can be made into the individual filter.

It also can be attached to the HEPA filter as the layer of sponge directly ,and combine them together, which can save costs and installation space.

There are two types for our black pre-filter : with carbon and without carbon. The primary sponge filter with activated carbon can be used to remove large particles, odor, formaldehyde, voc and other volatile organic compounds and related pollutants. Honeycomb activated carbon sponges are often impregnated with activated carbon. Its carbon content is about 30-50%, and it has good adsorption performance.

We also have the macroporous sponge we use to make PCCF, is the polyurethane sponge of PPIs10, the gap is relatively large, and it can be impregnated with activated carbon;

In addition: Generally used as pre-filter sponge(without activated carbon), it is PPI30~60 polyurethane sponge (PU cotton); this type of sponge is also often used as a sealing strip on the side of the filter, in addition to EVA/EPDM/ Materials such as rubber and plastic are also often used as sealing strips;

So can the activated carbon sponge filter be washed with water? Compared with the HEPA high efficiency filter, which performance is better?

The activated carbon sponge filter is easy to deform after washing, and the pore size will be enlarged. It is not recommended to wash. Normally replaced every 3 months. As the first filter of the air filtration system, this layer of sponge filter can block some large particles for the subsequent HEPA filter (high efficiency filter), reduce the burden of the HEPA filter, and can be relatively Extend the service life of the high efficiency filter. Obviously, the filtration performance of the activated carbon sponge filter for small particles of 0.3 microns is lower than that of the HEPA filter (HEPA). The filtering accuracy of the HEPA filter is higher. The sponge filter has low resistance when purifying the air, but it cannot block the fine dust in the strong air flow, while the HEPA filter is mainly made of high-efficiency filter paper, which can block more than 99.9% of tiny particles

What does it mean that the air filter index is PPI40? PPI generally refers to the activated carbon sponge filter in the primary filter. PPI (par per inch): refers to the sponge per square inch.

The sponge is measured in accordance with the "PPI" indicator. The higher the PPI , the softer the sponge; the lower the PPI index, the harder the sponge. The sponge tray is mesh-shaped. Use a microscope to magnify and observe, the larger the return, the lower the PPI index, and the harder the sponge ((the smaller the sponge per square inch).

The commonly used activated carbon filter sponge is impregnated with activated carbon powder on the sponge substrate, the number of holes per inch, the more the number, the finer the sponge, and the less likely to fall off the powder.

Commonly used sponges are made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers, and there are also natural sponges made of sponge animals. In addition, there are low-density polyether (non-absorbent sponge), polyvinyl alcohol (high-absorbent material, no obvious pores) and polyester.

Activated Carbon HEPA FilterActivated Carbon HEPA Filter

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