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The Toxic Chemicals in Household Dust Can Cause Cancer and Infertility

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The specialist find that there are scores of harmful chemicals in indoor dust. Such as phthalates linked to developmental problems in babies.

The flame retardant TDCIPP in household dust is the hazardous chemicals. It is a known carcinogen.


Household dust harbours a cocktail of toxic chemicals that have been linked to an increased risk of a range of health hazards, from cancer to problems with fertility, researchers in the US have found.


The chemicals are shed from a host of common products, from flooring to electrical goods as well as beauty and cleaning products.


The scientists cautioned that children are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of contaminated dust, scientists warn, because they often play or crawl on the floor and often touch their mouths. "they end up more exposed to chemicals in dust, and they're more vulnerable to toxicity because their brains and bodies are still developing" said Singla.


While, perhaps confusingly, homes that are too clean have been linked to an increase in allergies and asthma in children, potentially due to a lack of exposure to various microbes, the presence of toxic chemicals in dust raises separate concerns.


The researchers highlighted 45 toxic chemicals in indoor dust, 10 of which were present in 90% or more of the dust samples – these included flame retardants, fragrances and phenols.


Children are particularly vulnerable to health problems associated with contaminated dust as they often play on the floor.


While a wider policy change on the use of toxic chemicals is needed, Singla added, consumers could also take action by making careful choices about the products they buy. "It is really important for companies and regulators to get the message that people care about this and want and need safer products for their families."


Stuart Harrad, professor of environmental chemistry at the University of Birmingham, said the research backed up previous work on the hazards of indoor pollutants.


"This review of evidence for the presence of consumer chemicals in indoor dust from the US confirms the substantial evidence for the presence of the same chemicals in dust from UK cars, homes, and offices, as well as school and nursery classrooms," he said.


Stephen Holgate, clinical professor of immunopharmacology at Southampton general hospital, described the research as important. He said though the study was US-based, the findings were also relevant in the UK.


The review, he added, showed "what we all have suspected – namely indoor exposure to household chemical and personal products accumulate in house dust, which serves as a Trojan horse when inhaled carrying these chemicals into the body".


With evidence from other studies, Holgate said "there is an urgent need to consider the indoor environment as a crucial source of chemical pollutant exposure".He is expressed concern about the affect to the healthy.Because the high levels of phthalates and replacement flame retardants appear to be ubiquitous.


As can be seen from the above evidence, toxic chemicals in household dust can lead to many diseases, so we should deal with the problem of air purification as soon as possible and in a timely manner to reduce the impact of harmful substances on us.


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