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How to clean reusable vacuum cleaner bags?

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Can I throw my vacuum duster bag in the washing machine?It will depend on the material of the bag itself.But it is advisable not to do so unless the manufacturer clearly states that it is a good idea.


Why?Because these bags are filled with fine dust, once immersed in the water, will become a caked mud.So, unless you say otherwise, this is your best bet:


You will need:


1. A powerful vacuum cleaner (an indoor and outdoor "shop vac" or industrial system, like those you see at gas stations)


2. A trash can


Steps for cleaning bags:


1. Empty the bag.Shake it out on the trash can, preferably outside.


2. After emptying, tighten the mouth of the bag and slam it against a wall or other hard surface.The goal is to get as much caked dirt off the inside of the bag as possible.If the opening of the bag is large enough or you can easily access the inside, use your hand or bristle brush to remove the dust.


3. Throw it onto the trash can again to remove any excess loose dirt or dust.


4. Next, use a second vacuum cleaner to suck the bag as strong as possible.Do not try to use the vacuum cleaner that belongs to the bag unless you have another bag.If you can put your accessories in a reusable bag, you'll clean them more thoroughly.If not, inhale the outside of the bag to help remove dirt from the inside.


5. Once you can't get any more out of the bag, shake it out of the trash one last time and reinstall it into your vacuum cleaner.


Additional tips and advice:


Do not wash your filter bag unless recommended by the manufacturer.You may weaken or damage the bag or its components without being aware of it.


After this cleaning process, your bag may not be as good as new, but this method will greatly improve the collection of dust bags.


If you notice any damage to the bag, please use it carefully.Weak spots or split seams may not be kept clean.If the weak part is found, the filter bag should be replaced in time.


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