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How to change the bag on the vacuum cleaner? (2)

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Change the bag


1. Open vacuum valve body.Reusable bags are usually stored in the same way and location as disposable bags.Open your vacuum cleaner, whether it's a zipper or a plastic lid, and find your reusable bag.


2. Carefully remove the cloth bag or plastic box.Remove the bag from the vacuum chamber and place your hand on the hole in the vacuum chamber.This prevents dust from escaping from the vacuum bag and flying around the room.


3. Some companies recommend doing the exercise outdoors to reduce the amount of dust and debris released when the doors are opened.


Dump the content in the trash.Start at the bottom of the bag with a kneading motion, and empty the bag so that the vacuum bag is close to the trash can.Keeping it closed will limit the amount of dust released into the air and direct most of the waste into the trash


4. Clean the plastic box or bag with a damp cloth.If your vacuum cleaner USES a plastic chamber to hold its contents, you can clean it with a dry or wet cloth to remove any remaining dust or debris.If your vacuum cleaner USES a reusable bag, you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, or you can put it through a cleaning cycle.Please refer to your owner's manual for clear cleaning instructions


You can also run a plastic can under hot water to remove stubborn residues.


5. Replace the case or bag.Once your bag is dry, put it back in the vacuum chamber and put it back in the vacuum chamber as if you were taking the bag out.If any parts need to be lifted, compressed or removed, lift, compress and replace them when a newly emptied vacuum container is installed.


6. Close the vacuum body.Once you've replaced the bag or plastic case, close the vacuum cleaner and check that it works properly with a clean bag.If not, check to make sure the bag or trash can is dry and clean.

Replace the portable vacuum bag


1. Remove your handheld vacuum cleaner.Most handheld vacuum cleaners have a small reusable bag or plastic compartment for storing any dust and debris collected.Remove the plastic around the box or bag to get close to the dirt and miscellaneous items collected.


Because handheld vacuum cleaners are small, removing trays or bags is usually a small enough task to put on the kitchen trash can.


2. Put the contents of the bag into the garbage can.Tip the contents of the bag into the trash can and make sure everything is out of the bag or room.Small vacuum cleaners are more prone to failure, so making sure bags (or vacuum Chambers) and filters are clean is key to maximizing the use of vacuum.


3. Place the bag in warm water to remove dust and debris.Place the bag or trash can in warm water and use your fingers to remove any stubborn dirt or debris.Leaving dust behind can affect the efficiency of your handheld vacuum cleaner, so make sure you thoroughly clean your device.


Some models allow you to filter bags through a washer or dryer.Check your host's manual for more information.


4. Put the bag outside to dry before putting it back in the vacuum.Be sure to let your bags and filters dry before putting them in your equipment.Placing a wet bag or filter in a handheld vacuum device may cause an electrical short circuit and subsequent electric shock.

Question and answer


Will the loose vacuum bag cause dust to enter the interior, thus preventing the motor from starting again?


The housing is separated from the motor housing. In general, the loose housing and loose dust cannot contact the motor.However, if the suction is blocked, some vacuum equipment will fail and fail to shut down.Remove vacuum equipment and check for clogged and/or loose wiring.In this process, please ensure that the vacuum is unplugged to prevent electric shock.


How do I put a new bag in my hoover trios vacuum?


Press the handle between the hose and the handle, open the lid, and simply pull out the old bag and put a new one in.




1.Be sure to unplug the vacuum plug before opening the vacuum chamber.

2.If you have children or pets, you may have to change bags more often.

3.This job can be a lot of trouble, so wear a mask if you need to.

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