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How long will it take to clean the room with an air purifier?

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I just bought an air purifier and I want to know how long it takes to clean a room of about 300 square meters.


On average, most air purifiers take 30 minutes to two hours to cover a room.Highly dependent on fan speed, room size and range of air purifiers, the air purifier must first be able to fully fill the room size.


It has been estimated that a 300-square-foot room would require an air purifier, which would be at least 300 square feet.


Parallel to the clean coverage, the air purifier runs four times as fast and covers the room twice as fast as the same air purifier.To take full advantage of the air purifier, we recommend running the equipment at full speed for at least a few hours and switching to a lower speed to maintain room quality standards.You should also keep your air purifier running 24 hours a day, as dust and other particles in the air circulate throughout the day.


In short, an air purifier takes 30 minutes to two hours to clean a room.


To better estimate the time required to cover the room, you need to consider the air purifier's purification range, room size and fan speed units that will run.

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