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How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

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If you want to reduce dust in your home, you need to know where the dust comes from, and then to consider how to reduce dust in your home.


We often hear that dust is mostly dead skin, but that’s not true. According to people who study dust, household dust is a mixture of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothing fibers, and dirt that gets tracked indoors usually. Except this, when we open our windows to let fresh air in, we also let in pollen and airborne debris. Then, of course, there are household sources of dust like flour or makeup powders.


While no amount of cleaning will completely remove the dust in your house, these proven ways will help.


Usually, the fix for most household problems is going to the source. When it comes to reducing dust in the home, you really can’t address the cause without plastic-wrapping every surface. But in fact, it works, but it's not desirable.


The best solution is to keep out as much dust as possible and regularly get rid of the rest through proper vacuuming and weekly cleaning routines. Then follow these easy steps.


1. Adopt This Rule.

It’s considered good manners to remove your shoes when you enter someone else’s home, but there are always people who balk at the thought of a No Shoe Policy. If they realized that up to 80 percent of the household dust enters on the bottom of peoples’ shoes, they’d probably rethink their reluctance.

One solution: keep a basket of washable slipper socks near the door for guests’ use.


2. Consider these inside and out.

Sturdy mats inside and outside of every entrance to your home give people a place to wipe their feet before entering. That practice alone will significantly cut down on the amount of dust tracked indoors even if people take their shoes off inside. Shake the mats outside or clean them with a hand-vac every couple of days and you’ll notice a definite reduction of dust.


3. Monthly clean-up.

Most manufacturers advise changing your air filter every three months, changing them more often will significantly reduce dust in your home. Use inexpensive, disposable filters and replace them every 30 days. Be sure to vacuum the area around your furnace, too. If you have an outdoor HVAC unit, you should also give it a good cleaning in Spring and Autumn.


4. Keep this clean.

We’ve all seen the commercials about dead skin flakes, dander and dust mites building up in a mattress over time. They build up in bedding and pillows, too. Reduce this by vacuuming your bed every time you change your sheets. Run your comforter and pillows through the dryer on “fluff” regularly, also, and wash your pillows every 4 to 6 weeks. You can and should wash electric blankets, too.


5. Stop using feather dusters.

Feather dusters are cute and retro, but they do a horrible job of removing dust. The dust will fall out of the feathers as you walk through the room. Use your vacuum’s soft-bristled dusting attachment to clean drapes or curtains, mini-blinds, and baseboards. Switch to a damp microfiber cloth for other surfaces and rinse it repeatedly. Both the vacuum and the wet cloth ensure you’re getting rid of the dust, not just moving it around.


6. DIY duct cleaning.

If you’ve got kids or pets, chances are you’ll find quite a few things down in the vents. Give your air ducts a good DIY duct cleaning monthly to reduce the junk blowing around in your indoor air. It only takes a few minutes!


In addition to these possible clean-up measures, the air purifier can help you to better clean the clutter in the air, and at the same time, you need to equip a high-performance air filter for your air purifier.

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