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The Difference between an Air Filter and an Air Purifier

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Air filter (also called air cleaners) and air purifiers are generally considered the same.After all, they all clean the air in some way.


In short, both air filters and air purifiers filter pollutants, but in different ways.


Air filter (air cleaner)


A typical home or business has forced ventilation and heating and cooling systems that are blown through ductwork and vents that are located throughout the building.These systems have air filters designed to keep the HVAC units clean inside.By doing so, they make HVAC systems more efficient.


Air filters also reduce particles in the air, such as dust and dander, and recycle them throughout the home.The key thing to note here is that air filters are effective at capturing pollutants.


There are many different types of air filters;Not all filters remove the same types of pollutants from the air.HEPA air filters, for example, are widely considered to be the most powerful type of air filter on the market because they capture 99.97 percent of the pollutants in the air and are as small as 0.3 microns in size.This means they can trap bacteria as well as dust.


Therefore, HEPA air filters are used not only in homes, but also in industries where air must be highly sterilized.One example here is the medical industry.


There are also carbon-air filters, which are effective at removing cigarette smoke and various other chemicals.


Many different industries need to customize filters for their devices.Examples include various dental equipment and the food and beverage industry.Custom filters offer superior filtration results, better performance and filter life than standard filters, and are available for shelf purchase.For industries that need extremely clean air, custom filters are the answer.These filters are designed for a variety of devices.


Air purifier


There are all kinds of air purifiers on the market.Some are independent systems;Others are installed in the piping system.Air purifiers are designed to kill bacteria, molds and fungi.Air purifiers do this by using ultraviolet sterilizing lamps (rather than filters), which means that some air purifiers can only destroy these organisms if they come in close contact with them.


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