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Replace your air purifier’s filter

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When it comes to air filters, usually you will think of air purifiers. Air filter is an important part of the air purifier's structure, and it also determines the quality of the air purifier's filtering capacity to a large extent. There are pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

But do you know that the filter must be replaced with a new one after a period of use, even the filter has best quality.

 Below are the reasons for why you need to replace air filter regularly.

1, The dirtier air filter, the less clean air

When the air filter is blocked by pollutants, the air purifier cannot produce enough clean air, making it difficult for the purifier to keep up with the rate of new pollutants continuously entering the air.

If the pollutants adsorbed above have reached saturation, new pollutants cannot be adsorbed and filtered by the air filter. The air purifier at this time is just like a display. What's worse is that as the performance of the filter decreases, the pollutants originally stuck on it will also fall off, and as the airflow is blown out, it will become a secondary pollution. Therefore, the filter must be replaced in time after the air purifier has been used for a period of time.

Air Filter


2, Dirty air filter will damage your air purifier system

The more dirt clogged in the air filter, the harder it is for air to pass through. This will increase the pressure drop of the air filter.

Pressure drop refers to the resistance encountered when the dirty air passes through the filter media of the air filter. The greater the density of the material, the more pollutants will accumulate on the air filter, and the greater the pressure drop when the air passes through the air filter, because the increased in resistance limits the airflow.

It will cause higher energy costs. A higher pressure drop means that the air purifier system must operate at full capacity and consume more electricity to transport air through the filter medium. When the air filter is full of dirt, dust, mold spores, dander and other particles, the pressure drop increases due to the reduction in the space through which the air passes. It means that the longer you delay the replacement of the filter element, the more you may end up paying for electricity.

HEPA Filter


   In conclusion,regular replacement of the air filter can ensure that the air purifier continues to effectively protect the whole family and maintain long-term stable performance. So it is time to replace your air purifier’s filter.

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