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How to tell a good air filter from a bad one?

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The quality of air filter is good or not mainly depends on the following three aspects:


(1) waterproof performance;

(2) filtration accuracy;

(3) breathability.


Specific tests are as follows:


1. Water test.Place the empty filter on the floor or table and sprinkle some water on the filter paper.


(1) If the filter paper seeps within 5 minutes, it is an empty filter made of cotton paper (inferior filter paper);


(2) If the filter paper oozes water for 2-5 hours, it is made of low-grade wood pulp paper and can be used, but it will reduce the gas production efficiency of air compressor (more power consumption, more gas production);


(3) If 12-15 ooze water, it belongs to medium filter paper;


(4) If the water does not ooze into 24 hours, it belongs to high-grade filter paper.


2. Look at the light to see whether the filter paper is uniform, whether the light transmittance is good, whether the filter paper surface smoothness is good.It reflects filtration accuracy and permeability.


3. See the depth of filter paper, fold number, if the filter paper is deep, fold number of filter paper, the empty filter area is large.


If the environment is especially bad, it is better to clean the air filter once a day and replace it within 500-800 hours.For customers with medium clean room environment, clean the air filter once every 3-7 days, and replace the air filter within 1000-1500 hours;Customers with good environment need to replace air filter every 1500-2000 hours.

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