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How to Choose Three Kinds of Filter for Xiaomi Air Purifier?

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The filter element is the core filter component of the air purifier, and its quality directly determines the purification effect.

Up to now, Xiaomi has provided three air purifier filter elements, economic version, formaldehyde-enhanced version, antibacterial version, and the performance difference between different filter elements will be great? Which one is worth our choice?


First of all, what are the important components of the air purifier filter? It mainly consists of a primary filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon substrate filter. The HEPA filter acts to purify particles through interception, gravity, airflow and van der Waals forces;

The activated carbon substrate filter acts to purify gaseous pollutants (such as formaldehyde, toluene, odor, etc.) through adsorption and chemical reaction.


There is a value for measuring the life of the filter element. The cumulative purification amount CCM represents the cumulative ability of the filter to purify pollutants. The new national standard uses four grades to judge the service life of the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter. The higher the grade, the longer the filter is used. The millet filter officially claims that the particulate matter CCM is P4 grade, but there is no specific value, and it is impossible to truly distinguish the three filter cartridges. Therefore, it is necessary to compare their HEPA filter size and activated carbon filling amount.


I. Comparison of dust content of HEPA network (particle CCM)

There are two main factors affecting the CCM of the particulate matter. The first one is the size of the filter. The larger the expansion area of the filter, the higher the dust holding capacity of the filter. The second is the filter grade (material), and the high-grade HEPA filter tends to have a higher dust holding capacity.


In the case where the millet filter HEPA net grade is H11, the only difference is the area. It is not difficult to calculate the filter area. Use the ruler to measure the height (width) of the filter paper and the thickness of the filter paper. Then, how many folds of the filter paper are used, you can multiply the area.


Conclusion: Economical filter, antibacterial filter element filter mesh expansion area (slightly larger) Millet air purifier three filter cores how to choose? Who is more cost effective! The larger the area of the HEPA filter of the same nature, the higher the dust holding capacity and the longer the service life.


2. The Comparison of Activated Carbon Filling Amount (Formaldehyde CCM)

At present, the mainstream air purifier removes formaldehyde/benzene/odor, relying on activated carbon adsorption, and the cumulative purification amount of formaldehyde is proportional to the quality of activated carbon and the amount of activated carbon.


The activated carbon used in the purifier on the market mainly includes two types of traditional activated carbon and modified activated carbon, wherein the conventional activated carbon has a small adsorption amount and is easy to be saturated. The modified activated carbon has a large adsorption capacity and a catalytic decomposition material on the surface, which can prolong the adsorption life of the activated carbon and also improve the secondary pollution problem of activated carbon adsorption and shedding.


The three filter elements of millet are all modified with high iodine value, which has good adsorption, but it is inconsistent in the amount of activated carbon. Regarding the weight of the three filter cartridges, the weight of the activated carbon has not been officially announced. We dismantled the activated carbon filters of the three filter cartridges and weighed the net weight of the activated carbon mesh.


3.The Test Conclusion

It can be known from the actual measurement that the economical version and the antibacterial version have a large amount of dust, and the activated carbon of the formaldehyde filter has a longer adsorption time. In addition, the antibacterial filter has added a layer of antibacterial coating on the HEPA filter, which is said to have an antibacterial rate of over 99%, effectively blocking bacteria, mold and dust mites.


Which one is worth our choice? Among the three filter elements, we recommend the purchase of formaldehyde removal filters.

Green Filter Formaldehyde Enhanced Version Version for Xiaomi Mi 1 2 2s Air Purifier

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