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How to Buy a Really Effective Air Purifier

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In recent years, with the outbreak of environmental air pollution, people pay more and more attention to the air quality in their environment.As early as 2011, the world health organization noted that indoor air pollution was five to 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution.Bacteria, viruses, odors, and chemical gases suspended in the air all threaten human health.Especially just decorated the new house, to the resistance of the old, children, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups is very big harm.As the most effective product to improve air quality, air purifier has become the standard of many families.

But, each brand purifier is full of beautiful things in eyes on the market at present, how should choose and buy?This is a big problem for the average consumer.To this end, we conducted in-depth market research and interviewed the industry's senior authoritative experts, hoping to help consumers quickly and easily choose a truly effective air purifier.

Choose professional purifier brand technology more mature

As we know, air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, both on e-commerce platforms and in brick-and-mortar stores.In terms of brand, it covers domestic products, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom.Among them, already come from traditional home appliance manufacturer, also have a few enter the professional brand of air purification domain very early.At present have a lot of consumer superstition tradition home appliance big brand, think the big brand that wants him to hear only is the best, the fact is not so.

If you really want to consider the purification effect, it is recommended that consumers give priority to the brand that specializes in making air purifiers."Purifier is a product that requires a high degree of specialization. It not only involves air pollution and aerodynamics, but also has high requirements on material technology, noise, use safety, especially formaldehyde removal.This is also why, up to now, the European and American first-class purifier enterprises are some consumers are not familiar with the professional brand, and some general brands do everything in foreign purifier market is not popular.

So, what are the best brands of professional air purifiers on the market?

 Choose the product with intuitive quality of filter screen 

When it comes to the purification effect of air purifiers, different quality filters can make a world of difference.There is an unwritten rule in the purifier industry: the bigger the machine, the heavier the filter, the higher the standard, and often the better the purification effect."Although this is not entirely correct, but is, indeed, can be used as an important standard of choose and buy", currently on the market only a handful of professional brand purifier is used American or European import filter, recommend when the choose and buy air purifier in addition to choose professional brand, also need to pay attention to mesh material and weight at the same time, choose imported mesh and material solid professional products.

In the actual use of air purifiers, the most complained by consumers is that the purification effect is not visible, do not know whether the product is really effective.We logged on Tmall, and other platforms, and saw that consumers' use of air purifiers was not good, which mainly focused on the problem that the effect was invisible."The machine is sensitive to dust, but I don't know if it can filter PM2.5, so I can't see the effect."In this regard, consumers in the purchase of purifier, the best choice can be real-time display of the value of the product, so that family members in the use of more intuitive to see the purification effect.

 Choose products that kill bacteria and are safe for use by mothers and babies

Even those without a medical background know that a large percentage of our illnesses are spread by airborne bacteria and viruses, especially during flu season.The reporter has received a lot of consumer feedback, mentioned that the use of air purifiers after the home of children and the elderly are still vulnerable to air problems caused by respiratory diseases, whether this is related to the improper selection of air purifiers?Zhao Guangzhi professor gave a sure answer about it, he told reporters that the Chinese family in addition to PM2.5 and bridal chamber decorates inside such as formaldehyde, in fact there are a lot of bacteria, allergens, such as pollution and interior space is closed, the Chinese family residential complex, a large number of bacteria growth, some people buy air purifier does not pay attention to the sterilization function, the bacteria have a chink in the wall.Suggest the family that has child, pregnant woman, old person and constitution is weaker, allergic crowd, when choosing purifier, cannot ignore to antiseptic function.

"The breeding and reproduction of indoor germs can easily lead to the cross-infection of respiratory diseases and influenza viruses," said an environmental and health researcher at the CDC."Young children, pregnant women and the elderly are less resistant than the general population and require higher air quality.It is recommended that people choose professional purifiers that can not only filter formaldehyde from the haze, but also have strong bactericidal effect, which can effectively prevent the air transmission of diseases from the source and greatly reduce the chance of family members getting sick."

 Choose products with advanced technology and low noise

As the household appliances that need to run for a long time, the noise problem of air purifiers is also the concern of all consumers.Some consumers reported that the noise of some purifiers was very loud, which affected their sleep, especially some non-professional brands."I bought the air purifier for my children, but it was so noisy that I had to leave it in the living room."A citizen told us.His child is only 5 months old, in order to let the child can breathe clean air, Mr. Zhang bought a well-known household appliance brand of air purifier, the price is not cheap, the result is running noise is too big, can only be invited out of the bedroom.

Some non-professional brand products are mostly technical defects, consumers in the noisy mall did not feel too much, but the actual use of the experience is quite bad, the sound of the wind is not smooth, even can not be used in the bedroom."So it is recommended that we try to choose professional products, more professional comparison.

 Visit: professional products with high reputation on the market

It is found in the survey that, with the increasingly serious air pollution problem in China, the traditional big brands of household appliances with backward purification technology and poor use experience continue to be cold. In contrast, many foreign professional brand products are sold out.In addition, most consumers buy air purifiers for their children and the elderly. Since it is related to the health of their families, they are more willing to choose foreign professional air purifiers with guaranteed purification effect, except for PM2.5, formaldehyde and bactericidal effect and high safety.

I have learned that the most popular purifier products on the market are professional-grade products, and according to consumers, professional-grade products are not only effective but also safe and quiet.

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