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How Often To Replace Filters for Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

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Air Purifier’s FiltersWith the improvement of people's living standard, people's demands on air quality are becoming more and more strict, which also promotes the rapid development and sales of air purifiers and humidifiers.

Despite the overwhelming popularity and increasing sales of air purifiers and humidifiers, many consumers are unaware that their air cleaning product purchases require maintenance and regular changing of air filters and humidifier filter. Commonly, buyers of air cleaning products hold the perception that their purchase is a “one-stop-and-go” situation with no further responsibility to be had.

Despite this obvious misconception, there are still many consumers who are either hesitant or balk altogether from buying air purifiers and humidifiers due to their belief that the changing of filters is an arduous and confusing process. However, this could not be further from the truth.


Changing air filters in air purifiers and humidifiers is an effortlessly easy task that takes mere seconds. Investing just a small amount of time results in myriad benefits for you, your family, and your loved ones, with immediate results in air quality being experienced.


Next, we'll tell you about the common sense and skills of replacing filters for air purifiers and humidifiers.


Replacement Schedule For Air Purifier and Humidifier Filters:

1. HEPA Filters: Must be replaced every twelve to 18 months

2. Carbon Filters: Must be replaced from three to six months

3. Replaceable Wick Filters: Must be replaced every two months

4.Mineral Absorption Pads: Must be replaced every two to three weeks

5. Pre-Filters: Must be cleaned every 30 days and replaced when worn out

6. Permanent Filters: Must be cleaned every 90 days; replace when damaged


Changing Or Cleaning Filters On Humidifiers

1. Check product manual before commencing cleaning

2. Ensure humidifier is turned off and unplugged

3. Situate the humidifier on a stable surface such as a sturdy table, countertop, or floor

4. Lift out the old and used humidifier filter elements

5. Replace with new filter by simply sliding it into the empty place left by the old humidifier filter

6. If you wish to wash the humidifier filter and it is indeed a washable humidifier wick filter, shake off excess dust and dirt (or vacuum if desired) and proceed to hand wash thoroughly

7. Take care not to squeeze or wring out the humidifier wick filter

8. Let dry and then re-insert


Changing Or Cleaning Air Filters On Air Purifiers

1. Check product manual before commencing cleaning

2. Ensure the air purifier is turned off and unplugged

3. Open the cover

4. Rinse the cover with warm water and let dry

5. Reach and pull the pre-filter out of the air purifier

6. Take care not to breathe in the dust, lint, hair, and other debris on the air purifier’s filter

7. Hand wash and rinse the pre-filter, let dry

8. Place the air purifier filter back into the air purifier

9. HEPA filters must be removed, discarded, and replaced

10. Simply pull out the HEPA filter and situate a new one in its place

11. Replace the cover and secure into place


The Tips of Air Purifiers And Humidifiers:

1. As is the case with humidifiers, air purifiers must be turned off and unplugged before the filters are changed or cleaned

2. Air purifier's filters are high-performance products that remove a litany of contaminants and pollutants from your home, thus regular maintenance is imperative!

3. Regardless of filter replacement recommendations, if your filter exhibits significant dust, dirt, or mineral build-up, it should be changed as early as possible

4. The life of a filter can be immensely affected by cigarette and cigar smoke, copious amounts of dust, and high levels of pet dander

5. Mold can grow rapidly when units are left unattended to with water remaining in the unit and begin to emit foul odors

6. Failing to maintain a humidifier or air purifier will result in the growth and subsequent spread of harmful bacteria

7. It’s always prudent to have a spare filter (or two) on hand for unexpected occasions


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