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Do Air Purifiers' Filters Really Work

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The filter of the air purifier can filter harmful substances such as dust and particles in the air, which can enhance the filtering effect. From this point of view, the air purifier filter is very useful. When indoor air through the screen, can intercept a lot of harmful substances such as hair, fine particles and so on. Most of the filters in air purifiers are composed of primary filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters.  The filters in air purifiers can play the main purification effect.  Because the filter is the core part of the air purifier, the filter is directly related to the purification effect of the air purifier.  At the same time, the filter in the air purifier can decompose toxic gases, play the role of sterilization and can inhibit secondary pollution.

What kind of air purifier should you choose

When buying an air purifier, we should choose a large filter air purifier, because the larger the filter of an air purifier is, the larger the wind area is, so we can better purify the air and improve the efficiency of purification.  You can also choose an air purifier with a multi-layer efficient composite filter, which allows the purifier to filter more air pollutants, while also suitable for different indoor environments.  You can also choose a purifier with a high-quality filter, which not only traps finer particles, but also filters them better.  When the air is flowing, the resistance is also low.  Therefore, when buying an air purifier, we must pay attention to the quality of the air filter.

The benefits of using an air purifier

Using an air purifier can remove odors from a room, because a room that has been sealed for a long time may have some unpleasant smells.  Turning on the air purifier at this time can make the air in the room fresher.  At the same time, the air purifier can also remove dust, dust, pollen, etc., the air purifier can also play the role of sterilization, because the environmental pollution is more and more serious, there will be a lot of bacteria in the air, so there are many children and the elderly with low immunity are prone to epidemic diseases.  Air purifiers can also remove PM2.5 from the air and formaldehyde from the room.

Can the air purifier filter be washed and used again

Filter type purifier usually contains multi-layer filter, the primary filter intercepts hair, cotton wool, large particles of dust and other large particles, the primary filter can be washed, the correct way is to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb surface pollutants, and then wash with water, cleaning process to avoid the use of brush brush wash, the strength is too large filter deformation or blocking the filter hole, resulting in a decline in the interception effect.    HEPA filter and activated carbon filter layer are disposable, do not wash, replace the new filter regularly, to avoid causing secondary pollution.

Precautions for air purifier use

When placing, ensure that the bottom of the machine and its contact plane are stable. Place should ensure the machine inlet and outlet smooth.

Air purifier wind speed selection generally has 3, usually choose 2 intermediate speed.  According to the degree of indoor air pollution (such as air circulation, the number of people in the room, etc.), you can also choose low speed 1 gear or high speed 3 gear.

In the boot state, according to the need can choose to use the negative oxygen ion function, the prefilter (generally for the back cover of the chassis) used for a long time, will gather some dust, thus affecting the air inlet, affecting the effect of air purification. So you need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, or clean with a rag, or even wash.

Replacement Air Purifier filter

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