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Can air purifiers be disinfected ?

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  An air purifier can disinfect. It can be part of the bacteria in the air and harmful gas adsorption, have some of the disinfection effect, can reduce the risk of infection, improve the air quality in the home, very suitable for family to have the old man and the child's family.

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  Can the filter of air purifier be wiped with alcohol? Some strainers work, some don't.  If it is activated carbon filter, you can't use alcohol to clean, activated carbon filter is disposable. But the air purifier filter is not very useful to clean with alcohol, the mesh has several layers.  The first layer is dust, which we can theoretically wipe off, and some of the chemical layers like activated carbon are outdated and no longer work.  So it's important to replace them regularly.    

  With the improvement of people's living standard, people's health awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and they begin to pay attention to air quality.  Many families have installed air purifiers to improve air quality and the home environment.  

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