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Can Air Purifiers Improve Your Lung and Heart Health?

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Installing an air purifier in your home or office might help you breathe better, but can it also improve your heart health?


A research from China has shown that filtering out fine particulate pollutants from indoor air within just two days can improve the health of your heart and lungs. Air pollution can either cause or worsen respiratory symptoms such as difficulty breathing, cough, and upper airway congestion.


For example, Beijing is a city with severe air pollution. Daily outdoor air pollution levels in Beijing during the study averaged 103 µg/m3, and indoor levels were about the same. The study involved 35 healthy, nonsmoking college students living in 10 dorm rooms in the city. The rooms were randomized so that half received a functioning air purifier and the other half a sham purifier. The unit was placed in the center of the room and ran for 48 hours. Study volunteers stayed in the rooms with the doors and windows closed during this time.


How air purifiers can boost health?

Many of the potential benefits of using an air purifier are related to the lungs, particularly conditions such as asthma. By filtering out fine particles, air purifiers help clean the air you breathe and lessen the potential negative effects of pollution, Dr. Taliercio says.


Several studies have shown improvements in blood pressure and heart rate after the installation of air purifiers. For example, one small-scale study of 35 Chinese college students found that the devices improved air quality, reducing levels of fine particulate matter by 57 percent. Improvements were reported in both blood pressure levels and lung functions among the students.


However, clinicians don’t have any long-term data that points to air purifiers reducing strokes, heart attacks or death rates.


Who benefits from air purifiers?

Most benefits for children, the elderly and people with heart and/or lung diseases. Because air purifiers cost at least hundreds of dollars, patients weigh who is most likely to benefit - in some case , you just need to buy an air purifier and change the air filter bags frequently that you can without the high cost, air purifier users are most likely to reap health benefits in areas with the greatest air pollution. That could mean living in a city with poor air quality or near a major source of pollution.


In particular, these air purifier devices may help people who already have diseases that affect the lungs. Those diseases include asthma, cystic fibrosis and conditions of the immune system.


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