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Application of HEPA filter

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As we all know air pollution is very serious, that is the main reason, more and more people choose HEPA filter.

HEPA Filter full name is high efficiency particulate air filterEffectively filter smoke, dust and pet dander and so on.

Application area of high efficiency filter:

At present, it is widely used in air filtration systems in many industries, such as, electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, mental machinery, food, cosmetics, operating room, medicine and health, bioengineering, aerospace, automobile spraying and so on.

HEPA air filter is mainly made of ultra-fine glass fiber as filter material and hot-melt glue as separator. It is assembled with various outer frames with beautiful appearance. Compared with high-efficiency filter with diaphragm, it has the advantages of small volume and light weight under the action of the same air volume.

  According customer’s requirements. Our company can produce different shapes and materials of HEPA filter.

 Besides. Considering the cost is also a very important factor.

Our company can produce paper frame filter, plastic frame filter and aluminum frame filter.

Please feel free to contact with us. Our company can meet your requirements.

HEPA filter

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