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When should the exhaust hood filter be replaced

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The hood filter is the first line of defense in the kitchen exhaust system.They prevent grease and debris from entering the ventilation system to maintain environmental quality and reduce the risk of fire.However, you must do a good job of cleaning them so that your hood filters work at their best.


There is no exact timetable for replacing the hood filter.The life of a filter depends on a variety of factors, including the type of filter, maintenance, exposure to grease, debris and heat.Many busy restaurants need to change the hood filter every six to eight months.Others can be replaced two years apart.Different filters have different effective life.Stainless steel filters last longer than aluminum or galvanized filters.Heavy filters last longer than standard filters.


The life of the hood filter can be extended by careful maintenance.When cleaning filters, do not use bleach or harsh chemicals as this can lead to corrosion.Aluminum filters are particularly prone to corrosion.Handle the filter gently to prevent indentation.The best way to clean filters is by hand;This allows you to clean them thoroughly without causing additional damage.


Keep filters clean and replace worn or damaged filters as soon as possible.By carefully maintaining your filters and checking them regularly, you can extend their life and protect the functions of your kitchen exhaust system.

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