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How to Quickly Clean the Filter Screen of the Range Hood

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Introduce three simple cleaning methods:


1. Pressure cooker steam washing method.

The cold water in the pressure cooker is boiled. When the steam is continuously discharged, the lower limit pressure valve is taken, the range hood is opened, and the steam water column is aligned with the rotating fan blade. Since the high hot water steam continuously rushes into the fan blade and the like, the oil sewage will follow. The road flows into the waste oil cup until there is no oil in the oil cup.

2. Dishwashing liquid, vinegar soaking method.

Remove the range hood filter, soak it in a pot of warm water mixed with 3--5 drops of detergent and 50 milliliter of vinegar, soak for 10-20 minutes, then scrub with a clean rag. The outer casing and other components are also cleaned with this solution. This method has no damage to human skin, no corrosion to the device, and the surface remains original after cleaning.


3. The surface of the soap is applied.

The soap is made into a paste, and then applied to the surface of the impeller and the like. After the hood has been used for a period of time, the impeller and other devices are removed, and the rag is wiped off, and the oil is dropped.


Range hoods are electrical products that people use to solve the problem of kitchen fumes. However, for a long time, the surface and inner cavity of the range hood will be full of oil, which will affect the normal smoke exhaustion effect, and can only be used normally if it is properly removed.

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