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Cleaning Method of Range Hood

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1. Apply an aqueous solution to the surface of the object with a dishcloth (first, clean the surfaces of utensils, cabinets, wall tiles and other surfaces with less oil in the kitchen;Finally, near the stove, lampblack machine).

2. Cleaning fan blade of range hood

Spray the special cleaner on the fan blade and let stand for 3 minutes.Boil a pot of water to boil, and make the steam aim at take out lampblack mouth, open lampblack machine next, use centrifugal force principle, make the remaining on fan leaf smearing along with flow into collect oil cup;Turn off the switch, wipe with a clean cloth, and clean the fan immediately.

3. Hood filter cleaning

Remove fan blade, soak in warm water with special cleaner, let stand for about 10 minutes.Wipe with a cloth, gently wipe away the oil;If still have stubborn tar adhesion, usable toothbrush dips in take cleaner of a bit of strong grease to brush gently again, clean with clear water clean.

4. Clean the oil storage box of the range hood

If it is found that the oil cup is already 6 minutes full, it should be removed;Dump the waste oil;Soak the oil cup in warm water and detergent for 3 minutes, then wipe it with a cloth.In the oil storage box add a small number of new disposable oil box (supermarket has to sell), the next time to clean the disposable oil box discarded, clean up will be more convenient.

5. Wipe off the rest with an aqueous dishcloth.

The crack between the kitchen table fire switch below and lampblack machine open key is lesser wait for finger to stretch the place that does not go in, can undertake wiping with the dishcloth on bamboo piece mat.

6. Reoccupy clear water dishcloth is wiped clean can.

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