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Kitchen Range Hood Cleaning Skills

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The most difficult to clean kitchen utensils to count the lampblack machine, greasy, sticky, but because usually used more, so often need to clean.So how simple and effective clean, is a headache for a lot of people, so what are the more simple and practical methods can clean the kitchen range hood?

Kitchen range hood cleaning skills 1. using soap cleaning liquid, we can make soap liquid, with a dishcloth daub in the lampblack machine impeller shell, net cover, the surface of the wind wheel.After the lampblack machine has been used for a period of time, remove the impeller and other components, wipe with a rag, it can be very easy to clean off the oil!

Kitchen range Hood cleaning skills 2. with baking soda heating water to clean range hood, is a time-saving trick, all kinds of big brands of detergent are not so powerful.

Put a pot of boiling water into the amount of baking soda, stir well, into a large container, and then remove the lampblack machine parts, put in a baking soda container soaked for about 15 minutes.With cloth gently put on the skin, in with clear water to remove the residue, lampblack machine immediately bright and clean as new oh!

Kitchen range hood cleaning skills 3. Wash with dishwashing liquid. As we know, dishwashing liquid is mainly used to remove oil.Remove the impeller in the range hood and soak it in a basin of warm water mixed with 3 to 5 drops of detergent and 60 ml of vinegar. Soak it for half an hour or so, then wipe the shell and other parts with a rag and also clean it with this solution.This method is relatively simple and environmentally friendly.

Kitchen range hood cleaning skills 4. Direct cleaning method, required tools: a dry and wet dishcloth, a bottle of dedicated range hood cleaner (range hood cleaner should be able to buy in the supermarket, the main role is to neutralize oil stains), if there is no range hood cleaner, you can also use detergent and soap powder.

Want to open lampblack machine above all, go up in fan blade gush of detergent and inwall, use the centrifugal force when machine turns, the grease that softens first is cast off, wipe inwall again net.

Kitchen range hood cleaning skills 5. Find a plastic bottle and make 15 small holes in the cap with a needle. Then fill it with a certain amount of dishwashing liquid and shake it well in warm water.Turn on the range hood and spray the cleaning liquid on the shell, net cover and other areas that need cleaning with the plastic bottle filled with detergent.

We can see the oily water flowing into the tank, filling up and then pouring out.If you run out of cleaning fluid in the bottle, you can continue the configuration by simply cleaning it multiple times.Until dirty water becomes clear so far, normally clean 3 times about, if fan leaf outside is installed net cover, should take net cover first in order to strengthen wash an effect, with dishcloth wipe clean inspiratory mouth area, machine case surface and lampshade etc.

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