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Cooker hood filters

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  Cooker hood filters are very common in every family. The filter on the range hood mainly plays the role of filtering the oil fume. When the oil fume passes through the filter, the grease will adhere to the filter, which has a certain protective effect on the range hood.

  Because the use environment of the filter is very close to the fire, this type of filters are required to be high temperature resistance and flame retardant.

  Today, let us introduce two types of cooker hood filters for you. One is metal mesh filter and one is foam grease filter.

Metal mesh filter

  The structure of this kind of filter is several layers of aluminum mesh plus aluminum frame. The advantage of this filter is that the material itself is high temperature resistant and flame retardant, and there is no need to add materials to make it meet this requirement. And metal mesh filter is reusable. When filter is full of oil, you can take if off and rinse it.

Foam grease filter

  Usually the material is foam or nonwoven. The advantage is low cost and good effect of absorbing grease. Our company has SGS report which shows our filters are flame retardant. When foam grease filter is full of oil, it needs to replace a new filter. The old one can’t be used anymore. Usually we recommend to replace the filter every 3-6 months.

Cooker Hood FiltersCooker Hood Filters

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