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What is the Working Principle of the Air Filter?

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1.The air filtration technology mainly adopts the filtration separation method: by setting filters of different performances, the dust particles and microorganisms in the air are removed, that is, the dust particles are trapped and intercepted by the filter material to ensure the cleanliness requirement of the air volume. The filter material used is a finer diameter fiber, which can smoothly pass the airflow and effectively collect dust particles.


2.The dust that is cleaned by the clean technology is generally 0.1--10μm dust particles, the particle size is small, and contains solid particles and liquid particles; the organic particles suspended in the atmosphere are microorganisms, plant pollen, tidbits and fluff, and microorganisms generally include Viruses, rickettsia, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae. Air purification control is mainly bacteria and fungi, viruses. Since microorganisms are mainly attached to dust particles, the dust particles in the air can be effectively controlled, and bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the air can be effectively controlled. To do this, it must be filtered through a particulate filter that blocks the properties. In general, the filtration efficiency of bacteria by ordinary high-efficiency filters can reach 99.996%, which can basically meet the filtration and purification requirements of biological clean rooms.


There are five main types of filter layer filter particles:

  1. Interception effect: When a particle of a certain particle size moves to the vicinity of the fiber surface, the distance from the center line to the surface of the fiber is smaller than the radius of the particle, and the dust particles are intercepted by the filter fiber and deposited.

  2. Inertia effect: When the mass of the particles is large or high, it collides with the surface of the fiber due to inertia and deposits.

  3. Diffusion effect: Small particle size particles have strong Brownian motion and easily collide with the fiber surface.

  4. Gravity effect: When particles pass through the fiber layer, they deposit on the fibers due to gravity settling.

  5. Electrostatic effect: Fibers or particles may carry a charge, creating an electrostatic effect that attracts the particles and attracting the particles onto the surface of the fiber. The map is hard to find, I am fighting for it.

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