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What are the types of filters and when should they be replaced?

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The FRONT FILTER IS THE latest development is MICron mesh filter, his mesh area is smaller than the general, in addition to adsorption of small dust particles, but also effective removal of hair. Surface purification after the treatment of fluxol, the dust attached to the surface of the filter can be more convenient to clean.

Medify Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter is currently used for volatile organic compounds.


Dust Collecting Filter (HEPA filter)

HEPA, short for HighEfficiencyAirFILTER, is the best high filtration material internationally recognized. According to its unique fiber structure, it effectively inhibits allergens in the air through the integrated HEPA filter of bacteriostatic processing fiber, which efficiently controls microorganisms. Such as mite dust, pollen, bacteria, second-hand smoke, dust and other tiny particles, against 0.3 micron particle clearance rate of 99.97%. If you use it to filter cigarettes, the filtering effect is almost 100%.


Since different types of purifiers and different frequency of use will affect the filter element replacement time, there is no uniform requirement. For example, under the weather conditions in Beijing, if the use frequency is normal, it is recommended that the filter of the purifier be replaced once every 1-2 months.

Specific judgment method: if you open it and find that the filter element of the purifier has turned black, or touch it gently with your hand and you can see obvious dust falling off, it is time to change the core. If you smell something bad, it's already too late.

If the filter element is not replaced in time after use for a period of time, the following hazards will occur:

1, long time dust blockage, will affect the air intake, purification effect, make the power decline.

2, as far as the machine itself is concerned, the working efficiency will be reduced and the service life will be shortened.

3. As far as personal health is concerned, there will be secondary pollution. As we all know, the damage of secondary pollution is much worse than that of a pollution.

HEPA filter life is generally 3 months.

The filter screen using HEPA technology, if not specified is not washable, but in the current domestic more serious indoor air pollution, HEPA filter life is generally only 3 months or less, which means that HEPA filter needs to be replaced often.

The filter screen from white to black when the replacement

Although the replacement cost of HEPA filter is high, through vacuum cleaner cleaning can also extend its service life to a certain extent, but if the general white HEPA filter surface has tended to black, in order to ensure the air filtration effect and health, it is recommended to replace as soon as possible.

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